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      Here we go again ... the words that can trigger reactions around the world ... 'Holidays' ... 'Christmas'

      A time of celebration for many. A time of pain for those grieving for the 'happy family syndrome', a situation that doesn't exist for everyone … and for those grieving the loss of a loved one.

      My immediate family I love and cherish, and while we bring out the best and worst in each other we do celebrations well. My birth family is a mixture and sadly there are many separations.

      At this time of year I would love to say to everyone, let's let go of the differences and come together to acknowledge we are family. Through it all it would be wonderful for love and respect to shine through.

      This is not the case, and as I have discovered over many years, I am not alone with this experience.

      It is with trepidation that this year I am willing to acknowledge well in advance that 'the happy family' is not going to happen beyond my immediate family.

      So it's time to plan ahead to embrace the loved ones that are happy for the connection and friends who bring joy to my heart.

      I hope you too can embrace loved ones and friends who light up your life.

      Jude xoxoxo


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