• Caught Short with Jamie Redfern - Sophie, was that an F sharp or a B flat?

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      Sophie Monk, releases a blast from the past

      Pop singer and actress Sophie Monk has delighted some fans and disgusted others by apparently dropping a huge fart during a filmed yoga session in Sydney.

      Egged on (please excuse the term - might be a bad choice of words in this case) by KIIS 1065 FM's Jackie O by way of an earpiece, the young starlet carried out the deadly deed without even raising an eyebrow (or a sweat).

      To be honest, I can't see why some fans are so upset and up in arms about it - after all, it's one of the best and sweetest notes the talented girls hit in a long time, and it might just make it to number 1.

      here's a link to the original story ...


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