• Caught Short with Jamie Redfern - Jeremy Clarkson takes it up a gear!

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      A news article I read earlier today reported that Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear fame has stated that an unnamed BBC executive asked him to return to his hosting job with the hugely popular television phenomenon only last week - and he said, no thanks.

      Whether Clarkson's version of events is true or not is in dispute, but I thought it was interesting to read that the big fella is now in the process of creating and hosting his own brand new auto focused show - to rival the one so loved by revheads the world over.

      I'm not into cars in the way most devotees of Top Gear seem to be, but still found the show extremely good and entertaining television. I think this was primarily due to the undeniable chemistry and unforced comical rapport Clarkson, and his two cohorts James May and Richard Hammond shared.

      Rumour has it that May and Hammond could possibly join Jeremy in his new venture - and if that's true, the sparks (or should I say spark plugs in this case) are certainly gonna fly, because the boy's will be a tough act to beat.

      So, all I can say is, let the battle begin and let's see which show has the most horsepower - should be fun to watch.

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