• Caught Short with Jamie Redfern - What's up doc?

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      Hey everyone, welcome to my brand new column, "Caught Short" where I get to write a few short words about whatever I like, whenever time and circumstance allows.

      The concept appeals to me in a big way, due to life continuing to get busier and busier, and spare time now being a very rare commodity I don't have very much of.

      I'm not complaining about any of that at all, in fact, quite the opposite - after a number of not so brilliant years, life is being kind to me and mine again, thank God.

      I'll still be writing the occasional more in depth and substantial type of article for the Toorak Times every once in a while as I have done in the past, but this new "Caught Short" column will give me the opportunity to write about current events and happenings on a more regular basis, without having to stress and worry about how much content I need to come up with.

      What's up doc?

      I've never really understood the media's total obsession with Dr Geoffrey Edelsten to be honest, and yes, he's in the news again today due to the revelation that his lovely new (and young) wife, Gabi Grecko is expecting a baby. What's so strange and newsworthy about that? I mean, it is pretty impressive that the pregnancy happened so quickly after the nuptials, but let's not forget, the guy's a doctor and probably knows a few tricks in relation to sowing and reaping that many of us other older lads don't.

      Let's wish the happy couple (and the little one) all the best, and watch out for the media frenzy the child will have to endure when it finally makes it's way into this crazy old world we live in.

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