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      I recently had the great pleasure of meeting - via Facebook, of all things - a very talented and big hearted young bloke named Matt Kent. To say the guy has a generous spirit would be a huge understatement - and here's his story..

      Jim/ How long have you been singing Matt?

      Matt/ Since I was 7 years old

      Jim/ Can you tell us a little more about the early years?

      Matt/ I sang at school concerts at an early age. In high school I formed a band with a couple of other students and we played at some school functions. When I left school I was in a cover band called No limit, and then continued solo after that performing at corporate functions and talent nights. I kept writing songs and really wanted so much to record one day - and here I am ..

      Jim/ Where were you raised?

      Matt/ In Melbourne's outer east, in Lilydale.

      Your Debut single, 'Matter of Time' is really cool - what was the inspiration behind the song?

      Matt/ When I was a teenager I fell in love with a girl from high school. We unfortunately went our separate ways and lost contact with each other after finishing school, only to reconnect over 30 years later, just by accident. Sadly, circumstances beyond our control made it impossible for us to be together. I wanted to write about her as she is close to my heart, and has been all those years.

      Jim/ Now that's one interesting story Matt - please continue.

      Matt/ I wanted to write a song that has real meaning behind it, and is from the heart - "Matter of Time" is just that kind of song.

      Jim/ It is a song that seems to mean a lot to you - it's obvious in the way you emotionalise the lyrics.

      Matt/ Thanks Jim. I think the best songs are those that come from the heart.

      Jim/ Yes, I believe that too. I noticed, and was impressed to hear that you are donating all of the sales of this song to the Royal Children's Hospital Music Therapy program - tell us more about that.

      Matt/ I love music, and have friends and family who have been touched by cancer in much the same way many people have, and I wanted to combine the two somehow - using my music to help fight the disease.

      Jim/ That's such a great thing for an artist to do Matt, and I wish you all the very best with the project.

      Matt/ What saddens me most is seeing a sick child or a child with cancer, so I just woke up one day and realized there was a way I could combine music and my desire to help sick kids.

      Jim/ So, you contacted the terrific people at the hospital with your idea?

      Matt/ Yes Jim, I contacted the Royal Children's Hospital, and explained what I wanted to do, letting them know that I wanted the funds I raised to go specifically to music programs and therapy for the kids. The music therapy unit based in the children's cancer centre at the hospital was just perfect.

      Jim/ Can you tell us a bit more about the music therapy program Matt?

      Matt/ Sure Jim, the program is run by music therapists, and they organise jam sessions and take musical instruments around to the wards - so that the children can play them. Children are often able to express themselves through music whether they can communicate in other ways or not.

      Jim/ Yes, that's true - the magic of the universal language.

      Matt/ It sure is. For that short time they are playing those instruments, they forget about what illness they have got or are going through, and it brings so much joy to them.

      Jim/ The song has an upbeat feel to it, what made you decide to write the song this way?

      Matt/ To raise the funds I'm looking for via a song, I needed the song to be something that everyone would purchase. Although its a love story as such, its a happy journey, and I wanted all ages to be able to buy the song and enjoy it by tapping away when playing it, or dancing to it. I wanted it to be attractive to a wide audience.

      Jim/ Well, I think you've achieved that goal. Do you plan to play any future shows our readers could attend?

      Matt/ Yes, I hope to do some live performances and concerts later in the year.

      Jim/ Do you plan on releasing more music in the near future?

      Matt/ Yes, I have already begun writing some more music - stay tuned!

      Jim/ You enlisted the amazing Daniela Corso to feature in the song, how did you find her?

      Matt/ We were friends and I contacted Daniela and told her of my project and what it was about. She wanted to help and embraced what I was doing. Daniela helped with the music and production, and also did backing vocals on my song.

      Daniela Corso

      Jim/ Daniela is one of my favourite Aussie female vocalists, so I envy you there. I even heard she visited the hospital wards with you?

      Matt/ Yes Jim, we visited the hospital wards together to see where the funds would go.

      Jim/ Where did you record the song?

      Matt/ The song was recorded with Melbournes top producer Michael Zammit at Airwave studios.

      Jim/ I know Michael, he's a top guy. How is the response so far with the new single?

      Matt/ Fantastic Jim, there has been so much support with sales in Australia, USA and UK since its release only a few days ago.

      Jim/ But there's more ground to cover?

      Matt/ Yes, still a long way to go.

      Jim/ Now, the important question - where can people find the song to buy to support the cause?

      Matt/ I'm glad you asked that Jim - they can find it on iTunes, Googleplay, Amazon music and all good digital platforms - or directly through my website, which has all the information needed to access the song mattkentmusic.com

      Jim/ What's next for Matt Kent?

      Matt/ Live performances, write more songs that people can enjoy, and continue raising awareness for The Royal children's Hospital music therapy area, to assist children with cancer.

      Jim/ It's an honour to know you Matt, and I'm glad to help you get the word out for such a brilliant cause.

      Matt/ Thank's Jim, it's been fun!

      You can find out more about Matt by going to his website at:


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