• Self Care Sunday

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      Today I woke up on a mission! Self Care Sunday was all about creating a day that was like staying at a wellness retreat for me and my good friend. Both being single mums and with a business to run you don’t really get to much time to stop and take care of yourself extra special. Being a Life Coach I have always believed in practicing wellness and trying to live balanced, have meditated since my early 20s and been enthusiastic about personal and professional development. But Self Care Sunday was about taking it one step further and treating ourselves to some indulgent care, the kind you save for holidays.

      It started off with my BFF, best friend Frank that is. The Frank Body Scrub is a coffee based body scrub that smells divine and comes with some sexy marketing that makes trying it irresistible, somehow you find yourself getting naked and dirty for the camera within no time. With Frank it is simple, you get naked, get dirty, get rough and get clean. The scrub is quite rough so a gentle scrub works wonders, it’s messy so you want to stay in the bathroom if possible and they love a good selfie tag on IG #thefrankeffect you’ll find 100’s of people all over the world getting it on with Frank! He is a jet setter so my OS readers give him a try!

      Our skin was now smooth as silk literally and it was time to explore some digestible wellness, my daughter put me onto The Pointless blog, vlogger Alfie (Zoella’s BF) in collaboration with the one and only Jamie Oliver, two British lads in the kitchen making smoothie magic? Yes please. (sorry Frank) Check out their video How to make a healthy Smoothie swoon……

      This is what we added and we actually halved this ingredients because one jug was enough for two. After all we are little ladies.

      1. 1 Banana
      2. Frozen Mango (handful)
      3. Fresh Strawberries (punnet)
      4. Rolled Oats (small handful)
      5. Jalna Fat free yogurt
      6. Almond, Brazil and Hazel nuts (handful)
      7. Cup of low fat milk

      You can add the juice from one lime for zest. (we forgot the lime unfortunately, next time!)

      Put it all in and buzz, turn off and give a mix and buzz for a bit longer and this is the most delicious smoothie I have ever had and I am not just saying this! I enjoyed it so much I got a smoothie moustache! It is a really well balance combination of ingredients that metabolises like a meal, perfect for breakfast.

      We had lots of herbal tea in between our lovely Self Care Sunday, Rose and French Vanilla and Peppermint mostly and my friend cooked us up some Kale, firm Tofu with soy, chill and mayo to garnish, yummo . To finish off our Self care treat we decided to give our toes a pedicure and colour those little nails up so bright!

      I went for my standard colour raspberry which I have OCO ‘Obsessive colour obsession’ over for about six months now and my GF went for classic red. It is amazing how a little toe nail polishing can really dress up your feet and make those tossies happy! Great for Summer for my readers OS and if you’re Southern Hemisphere you still get to enjoy your toes in the bath or bed!

      Now it is your turn, here are three inspirations for a Self Care Sunday, you deserve it you know you do and why wait for someone else, take some time today to love yourself up, give yourself permission to treat your mind, body and spirit to some self love and don’t forget to share with us any tips or ideas you have!

      Happy Self Caring Sunday X

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