• Metafit and Meditation Corporate

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      Metafit and Meditation goes corporate in a new 30 minute fitness workout for the professional mind and body in collaboration by Blue Sky Fitness and Melbourne Coach. Metafit originally designed by a marine commando is a fast paces intense workout that gets the heart rate right up, engages all the muscles and challenges you physically, after a small warm down the revamped ‘Metafit and Meditation’ session moves into a mindfulness session of guided mediation. Using positive affirmations and training the mind to focus on positive words while relaxing the body the meditation session allows you to condition the body positively while it is in a heightened state from the workout!

      Last week Bianca from BSF and Marion from MC got to show The Big Group, a catering company based in Cremone just how fabulous Metafit and Meditation Corporate can be by giving their staff a 30 min Metafit and meditation session on the grass at Kangan Institute. The staff loved it and expressed they felt on a high for days. During their lunch hour they got to workout and meditate resulting in higher levels of energy for the rest of the day, increased stamina, calmer mind and body, and a more self-regulated condition.

      Bluesky Fitness and Melbourne Coach welcome inquiries for a FREE trial Metafit and meditation session for your business. All you need to bring a long to class is a mat, a bottle of water and towel and have a small space preferably with fresh air and light to workout!

      Metafit and Meditation Corporate
      appeared first on Melbourne Coach.

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