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      Thanks for checking this out, want to join me in magical moments & be part of a virtual meditation ‘team City Zen‘ for the month of May? We team up daily for 10 mins meditation, creativity, chaos and everything that life throws at us and share it digitally in a conversation, photography and networking! I saw this Global Mindfulness project and instantly thought I must get involved. A Psychiatrist, Coach and world do gooder has created a massive international project called “Mindfullness in May” and its just gone viral! Best part is it’s raising money for clean water for undeveloped nations.

      So I went to the site, did some research and created my own team. The 10 minute a day global mindfulness meditation challenge brings clean water to those in need. I said that? Didn’t I! Join my team here.

      Here’s how it works, you join team City Zen and can donate. $30 gives another human being access to clean water for a lifetime. You have the power to make a difference! $28,827.00 has been raised so far, I have a small goal of $300 and we can smash it!

      Being part of team #cityzen you get the following for FREE, this not just any team this team will be FUN, CREATIVE and COLOURFUL:

      1. I will TAG you in every City Zen post and pic for the month of May, that means everyone on my social media gets a link to you.

      2. Any pics or posts you hashtag #cityzen I will re-post promoting you and the cause further. Find creative places to get your #cityzen on!

      3. The most popular team #cityzen pic will recieve a complimentary Life Coaching session in Melbourne or on Skype. To book this you must donate $30 and will have to fill out a coaching form also.

      4. We can email each other other ideas to collaborate more, welcome to suggest ideas to the team, we are all leaders and directors of our own magnificence and have heaps to offer the group. I am just the facilitator.

      5. I will email you a FREE MP3 City Zen soundtrack with Binaural beats for meditation practice.

      6. You’ll go on my mailing list for a FREE copy of my soon to be published City Zen: A guide to Urban Heartfullness, book.

      7. We can have some ridiculous fun with this and help promote your business by posting images that cross City Zen with your brand. Think creatively.

      8. We get to connect, work together and find our Zen daily that’s not only good for you but good for anyone who sees it and thinks about it. Be a seed planter.

      9. Being part of a team makes you more accountable and that means you are more likely to participate in practice.

      10. Tell your friends, I want to get a good strong team of enthusiastic and fun people to launch team City Zen in Mindful for May and make this team project a success for us all!

      A small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.
      - Margaret Mead

      Okies, I hope I’ve convinced you, please jump onto the site here, join the team and for any more inquiries email me at marion@melbournecoach.com.au

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