• Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound Rankings: December 2014

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    Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound Rankings: December 2014:
    1- Cecilia Braekhus (Norway)
    27-0, 7 KOs
    IBF, WBA, WBC & WBO welterweight titles
    Next fight: TBA
    * Defeated Jennifer Retzke on 11-29. ‘The First Lady’ of women’s boxing is the #1 fighter in the sport by a mile.
    #Boxe: @1LadyCecilia défend ses titres WBC/WBO/WBA & IBF face à Jennifer RETZKE,Mercredi 3 déc à 21h sur KOMBAT SPORT http://t.co/CFdY1jZSaQ
    — KOMBAT SPORT (@KOMBAT_SPORT) December 2, 2014

    2- Delfine Persoon (Belgium)
    31-1, 14 KO
    WBC lightweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Stopped Diana Prazak in nine rounds (TKO-9) to retain her lightweight title. Her fight game is greater than the sum of her parts.

    3- Marcela Eilana Acuna (Argentina)
    42-6-1, 18 KOs
    WBO super-bantamweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Defeated Matthysse (UD-10) in August.

    4- Ibeth Zamora-Silva (Mexico)
    20-5, 8 KOs
    WBC light-flyweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Defeated Jessica Chavez by UD-10 (98-92 x 3) in defense of her title in November.

    5- Anne Sophie Mathis (France)
    27-3, 23 KOs
    WBF light-middleweight title
    Next fight: Oxandia Castillo
    * Blasted out Hammer in July; she will likely do the same to Castillo.

    6- Jackie Nava (Mexico)
    30-4-3, 13 KOs
    WBC, WBA ‘interim’ super-bantamweight titles
    Next fight: 12-6 Sayda Mosquera (7-0-1)
    * Should handle Mosquera, who is virtually unknown.

    7- Erica Anabella Farias (Argentina)
    20-1, 10 KOs
    WBC light-welterweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Defeated Alejandra Oliveras (SD-10) to win the above belt on 11-15. She’s number one rated fighter at light-welterweight until Braekhus drops down.

    8- Susi Kentikian (Germany)
    33-2, 17 KOs
    WBA flyweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Defeated Naoko Fujioka (UD-10) on 11-8 in defense of her title. Simona Galassi is the highest ranked fighter by the WBA currently.

    9- Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)
    33-9-1, 17 KOs
    WBC featherweight title
    Next fight: 12-5, Pasa Malagic (8-2) non-title fight.
    * It’s tough to get anyone to fight Mrdjenovich in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, so the 20-year-old Malagic will have to do.

    10- Christina Hammer (Germany)
    17-0, 8 KOs
    WBF, WBO middleweight titles
    Next fight: TBA
    * Nothing but crickets when her name is mentioned. She remains one of the best talents in women’s boxing. A lesson or two on how to clinch and fight on the inside is needed.

    11- Diana Prazak (Australia/USA)
    13-3, 9 KOs
    WBC super-featherweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Hopefully she will stay as a super-featherweight now after the Persoon loss. She’s still a great banger with the right hand, and the left is coming around.

    12- Jessica Chavez (Mexico)
    21-4-3, 4 KOs
    Next fight: TBA
    * Once in the top five, Chavez has struggled (3-1-1) since winning a close decision over Yesica Bopp.

    13-Naoko Fujioka (Japan)
    12-1, 6 KOs
    WBA super-flyweight title
    Next bout: TBA
    * Lost to Kentikian in a bid to capture a world title in a third weight class.

    14- Zulina Munoz (Mexico)
    43-1-2, 27 KOs
    WBC super-flyweight title
    Next fight: TBA
    * Rumors of a fight with Mariana Juarez are heating up just in time for the cold of winter.

    15- Mariana Juarez (Mexico)
    40-7-3, 17 KOs
    WBC International super-flyweight title
    * Rumors of a super-fight with Munoz may come true.

    16- Yesica Patricia Marcos (Argentina)
    25-0-2, 9 KOs
    WBA super-bantamweight title
    Next bout: TBA
    * Defeated Estrella Valverde (KO-1) on 10-31. She’s rounding back into form since battling to a draw with Marcela Eliana Acuna in January 2013.

    17- Yazmin Rivas (Mexico)
    31-8, 9 KOs
    WBC bantamweight title
    Next bout: TBA
    * Only 26 and she has 13 years of experience; you do the math. She’s coming into her own and can only rise in the rankings.

    18- Melissa McMorrow (USA)
    9-5-3, 1 KO
    Next bout: TBA
    * Did enough to win her recent bouts against Juarez and Chavez – the assigned judges thought differently.

    19- Amanda Serrano (USA/Puerto Rico)
    22-1-1, 17 KOs
    WBO lightweight title
    Next bout: TBA
    * Stopped Carla Torres in less than a minute on 11-13. A brutal puncher and in-fighter that outside of Frida Wallberg hasn’t faced top-shelf competition.

    20- Alicia Ashley (USA)
    Next bout: TBA
    * Stayed busy by defeating Grecia Nova on 11-8. She is widely considered the best defensive fighter in women’s boxing.

    Boiling Under the Surface: Klara Svensson, Ana Laura Esteche, Svetlana Kulakova, Ava Knight, Anabel Ortiz, Jessica Nery Plata, Arely Mucino, Naoko Shibata, Carolina Rodriguez, Kenia Enriquez, Layla McCarter, Ayaka Miyao, Shindo Go, Fernanda Soledad Alegre, Alejandra Marina Oliveras, Hyun-Mi Choi, Melissa Hernandez and Carolina Raquel Duer.
    Klara Svensson retains Interim WBC Light Welterweight title defeating Lucia Morelli on points. #AllOrNothing #NFNBox pic.twitter.com/0kyVMXrfQ7
    — Nordic Fight Night (@NFNBoxing) November 29, 2014

    #1 Fighter per Division:
    Heavyweight- Martha Salazar (USA)
    Super middleweight- Nikki Adler (Germany)
    Middleweight- Christina Hammer (Germany)
    Light middleweight- Anne Sophie Mathis (France)
    Welterweight- Cecilia Braekhus (Germany)
    Light welterweight- Erica Anabella Farias (Argentina)
    Lightweight- Delfine Persoon (Belguim)
    Super featherweight- Diana Prazak (Australia)
    Featherweight- Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)
    Super bantamweight- Marcela Eilana Acuna (Argentina)
    Bantamweight- Yazmin Rivas (Mexico)
    Super flyweight- Naoko Fujioka (Japan)
    Flyweight- Susi Kentikian (Germany)
    Light flyweight- Ibeth Zamora-Silva (Mexico)
    Minimumweight- Anabel Ortiz (Mexico)

    Best Boxer: Cecilia Braekhus
    Best Slugger: Delfine Persoon
    Best Puncher: Diana Prazak
    Best Southpaw: Amanda Serrano
    Best Counter-Puncher: Marcela Eliana Acuna
    Best Body Puncher: Yesica Patricia Marcos
    Best Defense: Alicia Ashley
    Best Chin: Cecilia Braekhus
    Best Jab: Christina Hammer
    Best Cross: Diana Prazak
    Best Left-Hook: Jelena Mrdjenovich
    Best Fighter Nobody Knows About: Naoko Shibata
    Best Nickname: Arely “Machine Gun” Mucino
    Most Aggressive: Alejandra Mariana Oliveras
    Most Popular: Mariana Juarez
    Most Fun to Watch: Zulina Munoz
    Most Avoided: Jelena Mrdjenovich
    Most Protected: Maureen Shea
    Worst Luck With Scorecards: Melissa McMorrow
    Deserves a Title Shot: Jessica Nery Plata
    On the Rise: Kenia Enriquez
    On the Decline: Janeth Perez
    Underrated: Shindo Go
    Overrated: Ji-Hye Woo
    Dirtiest (fouls): Alejandra Marina Oliveras

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