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      I don't think you're going to get many radio station managers or program directors admitting it, but in many ways the podcast is king. All those shows we once had to religiously tune in to get our daily fix of of news, analysis and opinion, can now be consumed when we want. If there's something you aren't keen on listening to in said program, instead of waiting for the all knowing presenter to move on, we now hit the fast forward button.

      It's not something they like, but it's something they can't ignore, and at the end of the day, you as the consumer, be you a listener, or watcher, are the winner.

      But podcasting isn't just the cleaning up of a radio show for release online. Now it's the way many entertainers, newsmakers and opinion are getting that they want to say direct to their audience.

      "The Podcast Blog" will be taking a regular look at what's on offer. What we like and what's leaving us less then impressed. When time and technology permits we'll hear from those taking part in that world, putting themselves out there so to speak.

      You can't just critique someone's hard work, without hearing why it's important to them. I've no intention of just pissing from a great height on someone's work and passion. It mightn't be what I'm interested, and I might reckon they can do better, but if journalism's done properly then everyone gets a right of reply.

      So feel free to read and comment on what you see here. And if you have a suggestion, or an idea for a program, then me know.
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