• The August Big Mouth Post

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    Welcome back guys, to the third edition of the Big Ol Post.

    Things have been rolling along here nicely, well when I say rolling, I mean in a push pull kind of way. As you know it's been cold, real cold and like most of us its easier to just snap on the box and settle in weather than head on out.

    That said we have had some rocking big nights with people happy to warm up on the dance floor. Our winter menu kicked in and in particular our slow baked pies have been walking out the door. (Metaphorically speaking).

    That said, I write this greeting as the last of my work chores before I head off for two weeks, to that lovely land of sunshiney goodness called Bali. And I cant wait. I love the cold and I have been enjoying those ripper winter skies, but face it, I'm just as happy to see a Bali Moon as a replacement for a couple of week. Oh did I mention cocktails.....mmmm.

    Well that's it, enjoy the read and pop in and see us (the rest of us) and enjoy a bit of our well honed hospitality.

    Enjoy ED.

    Birthstone: Peridot
    Flower: Gladiolus
    Average Temp: 6 - 15 degrees
    Sunrises 7:06am Sunset 5:44pm give or take

    Featured on our guest tap this month at Big Mouth is the 2014 Coopers Extra Strong Vintage Ale which is a yearly Special limited release from the South Australian brewery.
    The 2014 Vintage Ale is driven by the choice of hops used in combination with maritime barley malt, crystal malt and malted wheat. Four hop varieties (two Australian and two American) were chosen for their particular benefits in imparting bitterness and aroma.
    Bravo, a super high alpha variety for its bittering properties. Galaxy and Ella, from Tasmania, has been added late in the whirlpool to optimise the extraction of passionfruit, peach and grapefruit aromas. There are also layers of spicy notes to complement the citrus and tropical notes. Dry hopping of Cascade harmonises and emphasises the floral and fruity undertones arising from the Tasmanian hops, and from the distinctive ale fermentation.
    The yeast strain used for primary and secondary fermentation is from a family of strains used in the brewery for more than 100 years.
    This Vintage Ale is best matched with dishes such as our roast pork belly or even a choice from our selection of sweet desserts.
    Click on the button below and answer the question to WIN a couple of jugs for yourself and a few friends.

    LEO: July 23rd - August 22nd
    LEO, lets get straight to the point, you are renown for your vanity, melodramatic performance and your very stubborn nature. And on a good day you can be domineering and pretentious. But hey, the good news is that those traits fade into the background as your more illustrious qualities step in. You are extremely loyal, this trait you'll keep event at the expense of your own ego. IE like arguing with the bouncer for hours when a friends been cut off. You are generous to a fault and you will often pick up the tab on a big night out, although some would argue that that's fair because your pretentious nature often sees you drinking French Champagne in a public bar. People are attracted to you, you are an enigmatic social butterfly and there is always action around you, well a drama at least. And if you haven't got a real one (drama that is) you'll create one just for fun. You are great in bed your ego ensures that. You love your back being scratched (hard) and even though you might act like your wild and kinky. You're really a big ol soft bellied tabby cat.
    Famous Taurean soulmates: Barak Obama, Jenifer Lopez, Arni Schwarzenegger and Whitney Houston. NICE
    Hello Leo illustrated by Gayana Danilova
    Find her at thttps://www.etsy.com/au/people/Gayana?ref=owner_profile_leftna

    In an incredible stroke of luck Big Mouth recently won a 2nd competition this year where the prize was a trip to Japan. Our benefactor this time was Suntory, one of the leading liquour distributors in Australia. At home in Japan, Suntory is a large, diverse company making many products however it was their award winning whiskeys which were to be the focus of our activities (and drinking) for this adventure.

    The week began with sightseeing tours, the highlight of which was the 400 year old Osaka Castle which stands 8 stories high over acres of landscaped gardens. Views of the city from the top floor of the castle were spectacular. Dinner that night was a 10 course Japanese banquet accompanied by more Whiskey Highballs than I can count. Getting up on time for our "mini-bus" the next morning wasn't easy, but missing out on the distillery tour would have been even harder.

    The Yamazaki distillery was founded in 1923 making it Japan's oldest whiskey distillery. The site at the base of Mt. Tennozan, just southwest of Kyoto was chosen for the pristine waters that the Yamazaki area is praised for and the distillery itself is set amidst a magnificent bamboo forest. The tour was amazing and I learnt a lot from our "guide" and during the tasting he hosted. Only after leaving did we find out that it wasn't actually a tour guide, it was the head of the distillery! He had taken time out of his day to show us around.
    Later in the week we took the train further north for a tour of Suntory's 2nd whiskey distillery, Hakushu. At the base of Mt. Kaikomagatake, Hakushu Distillery is surrounded by acres of forested land and includes a wild bird sanctuary. It's 700 metre high elevation make it one of only a few distilleries in the world to be located at such a high elevation. The cooler climate helps them produce a rich variety of quality whiskies quite different from those made at Yamazaki. At Hakushu I thought to ask who our host was and again I was astounded by the graciousness and hospitality we were getting when I heard the answer: Hiroyoshi (Mike) Miyamoto, Master Distiller, Suntory's Global Brand Ambassador and a charming and informative guide who imparted both his passion for and knowledge of whiskey to us during our time at Hakushu.
    During the week we also toured the Suntory Brewery, saw beautiful Kyoto, rode the "Bullet Train", shopped in Tokyo and went to a baseball game in Yokohama. We ate more delicious food in a week than I thought possible in a month and drank more whiskey than any healthy person should in a year.

    Through all the memorable experiences two things stood out. Firstly how much Japan has to offer that I didn't see (definitely going to make it back there sometime soon) and second was the amazing warmth and generosity of the people we met: Yo Tang from Suntory Japan who we kept up late almost every night despite the fact that he had to work each morning, Cookie our guide and adopted Mum who helped me buy ice-cream and not miss trains, Masaya who drank shots with us even though he knew it was a bad idea and every waiter and bartender who served us along the way (particular thanks to the guys at the karaoke bar that we cleared) who were as helpful as possible through our language barriers. The politeness of the Japanese people I had expected, their hospitality and warmth is what I have taken away with me.

    In honour of that I am inviting 3 winners down to Big Mouth to taste Suntory's Japanese Whiskey range. To be one of the lucky guests just hit the button below and answer the question about Japanese Whiskey. Good Luck.


    1kg boned chicken thigh
    100g 5 spice seasoning
    50g salt
    50g white pepper
    50g cayenne pepper
    100g Japanese Panko breadcrumbs
    100g plain flour
    500ml coca cola
    1 small packet wasabi
    1 jar Aioli
    1 Lemon

    Trim and cut the thigh Into thin bite sized pieces and place in a container with the cola.
    Leave to marinate preferably in the fridge over night, else two hours should suffice.
    Mix the crumb ingredients.
    If you have a domestic fryer perfect, if not bring 500ml of vegetable oil up to a simmer.
    Immerse the thigh In the crumb mix and carefully drop into the oil for around 4 minutes take out and rest on some kitchen paper to remove any excess grease.
    Mix wasabi with aioli and a squeeze of lemon to taste.


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