• Adam gets Jack of it, and so he should !

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      Racially vilified, but still a star !

      Image source: www.redkite.org.au

      It came to light this week that Adam Goodes, one of the most gifted and decorated indigenous players in VFL/AFL history, was racially vilified for the second time in 12 months during his sides 50 point demolition of the bombers on May 16th.

      How certain people can lower themselves to beneath the level of a moron is totally bewildering to me, but then I guess there'll always be a handful of people ignorant enough to prove how stupid the human race can become at times - sad cases indeed.

      Sir Jack Brabham to receive a well deserved State Funeral

      Three time Formula One world champion, Sir Jack Brabham who passed away early last week at 88 years of age, will be given a State Funeral in Queensland on June 11th.

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      The send off will take place at the Southport Church of Christ, and will no doubt be an extremely emotional event given the fact that Sir Jack, the only driver to ever win a world championship in a car he built himself, was such an iconic and much loved public figure.

      Image source: www.ausmotive.com

      Queensland has always been one of my favourite Aussie states, and it's people are second to none - as such, I'm sure Sir Jack will be given the goodbye he so richly deserves.

      Watch out Usain, this kid might soon steal your thunder !

      The incredible spectacle of watching the fastest men on the planet compete for the much coveted 100 metre gold medal in the Olympic Games, is quite often overshadowed (or should I say enhanced) by the crazy antics the athletes get up to in an effort to gain a psycological "edge" over their opponents.

      Usain Bolt is one of the best at playing the "mind games" I'm talking about, although the fastest man who ever lived certainly has the pins to back it all up too.

      In the past week or so, an 18 year old young man by the name of Trayvon Bromell, has given notice to Bolt that he just may have what it takes to steal the sprint Kings crown in the not too distant future. The young bloke ran the 100 metres in a stunning 9.77 seconds, which although assisted by a slight tailwind was an amazing feat at any standard.

      Usain Bolt Trayvon Bromell

      It will be really interesting to see how much he might improve on that form in future years - he definitely has time on his side.

      MMA fighter places opponent's safety ahead of personal glory

      Now for a story I think I can relate to a little. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters are renowned for being overtly aggressive and relentless in the persuit of a victory in the ring.

      Image source: www.themmajournalist.com

      So, it was more than a little unusual to hear about a young fighter tapping out when he was actually winning the match - to save his opponent from suffering further injury.

      Ok, it was only an amateur match, and I doubt the same thing would have happened in the pro division, but it's nice to know that some young people can be so caring and noble at the expense of personal glory. And if you don't agree with me that's fine, but I wouldn't go calling the guy a pussie if I were you.

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