• Me and Youtube - Lost In Space Forever ? Yes Please !

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      Lost In Space Forever ? Yes Please !

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      Those closest to me know how much of a full on Trekkie I am, and it's not too often that you'll see me pass up an opportunity to boldly travel with Kirk, Spock, Bones and the rest of the crew, to places no man .... oops, excuse me, I mean NO ONE has gone before.

      Chuckle if you like, but ever since I was a little boy, the thought of flying off to distant galaxies filled with things as yet unknown to us has excited and engaged my imagination like nothing else can.

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      But long before Bones asked Spock if he was "out of his Vulcan mind", another popular sci fi classic had me wondering if I'd ever travel to the stars to meet Martin the Martian - that show was called "Lost In Space".

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      This Me and Youtube installment is a really entertaining video I found recently, which is dedicated to celebrating the wonderful TV classic that first aired on stardate September 15th 1965, and has remained fondly in our hearts ever since. With a legendary producer like Irwin Allen, who had enjoyed previous success stories with such first class productions as "The Lost World", "Five Weeks in a Balloon" and the very popular "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea", the show had one helluva sound foundation to build upon.

      image source: www.cinemabooks.wordpress.com

      With the addition of first class acting talent that included the much loved and extremely seasoned actress June Lockhart, Guy Williams, and the man who was to become the shows noted "star" attraction, Jonathon Harris, the show was an obvious winner - at least to me, and millions of other sci-fi fans around the world.

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      "The Chariot "is still my dream car (I guess some things never change,lol)

      image source: www.culttvman.com

      It's interesting to see a little of an original "pilot" episode in this production, which was said to be the most expensive ever produced at the time, and equally interesting to see Guy Williams' extremely relaxed screen test, for the roll of the shows patriarch and mission leader, John Robinson.

      You'll love the bit where we find the lovable robot, or should I say "bubble headed booby" playing guitar to "There's No Place Like Home" .... as if,lol.

      Another thing that made me laugh, even though I recall totally falling for it as a kid, was the space age washing machine used by Mrs Robinson - reminisce a little and take a look, and you'll see what I mean and probably laugh too.

      I just love the robots reaction when John Laroquette talks about "the most famous robot in the history of science fiction", and the "mini me" Doctor Smith we get to enjoy one more time.

      Poster to promote the 1996 remake starring Gary Oldman as Dr Smith.

      image source: www.listal.com

      The 1996 re make is also mentioned in the video celebration, but I don't want to write any more about that, other than to say - you're a fantastic actor Gary Oldman, but there's only one Doctor Smith !

      Here's another short video I found where my Facebook friend Bill Mumy reveals what happened when he tried unsuccessfully to create a re-union movie to "resolve" the show. It's interesting to hear what he says, and to be honest his comments are similar to the ones I've given to well meaning Young Talent Time fans throughout the years, when they would suggest that I should produce my own updated version of YTT.

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