• Kylie's Logie performance, THE VOICE recorded or not ?

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      Kylie Minogues Logie Awards performance of her latest recording "I Was Gonna Cancel" has recieved almost nothing but bad reviews and harsh criticism from fans and the media alike.

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      Although Kylie insists that she sang the track live, most people believe otherwise, and have been quick to make their disapointment known. The reason the doubters are so sure they were duped is because Kylie appeared to say "thank you" to the audience after her performance, with the microphone appearing to have been turned off completely.

      Ok, ok ... it goes without saying that past music industry farces like the Milli Vanilli hoax have left us wondering what's real and what isn't, with good reason.

      Milli Vanilli

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      But nonetheless, I'm still amazed at how quick and eager so many people are to jump to the worst, and often wrong conclusions without considering anything more innocent as the possible answer. Might Kylie's mike have been routinely turned on when she was singing and turned off when she wasn't ? (it does happen). And might the poor sound tech have been left feeling a little embarrassed when Kylie decided to say "thank you" at the end of the number - something she may not have done during sound check and rehearsal ?

      Kylie, with my YTT sister, who happens to be her sister too, Danii

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      Look, as far as I'm concerned, the whole thing is pretty much a non issue anyway, and is something I've had strong feelings about for quite some time now. The Milli Vanilli thing was a totally different thing. If Kylie was miming, and I don't at this point have anywhere near enough evidence to believe she was - at least it was her own voice she was miming to. Robert Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan were lip synching to the voices of other artists, not their own - now that's what you call a rip off.

      It wasn't all that long ago that one of the worlds biggest and most successful artists (who shall remain nameless only because I consider them a friend) publically slammed another artist for allegedly miming during a live performance - then went on to perform with her own band using audio samples of instruments clearly not being played by any of the band members on stage with her at the time - I mean, come on.

      People aren't stupid, and are all well aware that it's virtually impossible for artists (no matter how talented they appear to be) to sing well in their music videos, whilst doing energetic and aerobically challenging dance routines at the same time - so a little, or a lot of lip synching is pretty much expected, accepted and understood. To expect the same artists to suddenly become Superman or Wonderwoman during live performances of the same songs simply doesn't make sense to me.

      Singing live in non dance type numbers is a totally different ball game, and most of the time an artist can and should perform a live vocal if at all possible. Here's another of my little YTT sisters doing just that in very fine style indeed at the same Logies event.

      To my way of thinking, the bottom line should be that if people want to enjoy the live spectacle of a favourite music video song/dance number as close as possible to the way it was presented in the video - then they need to be realistic, and accept that the singing may have to play second fiddle to the dance routine, for the total effect to be presented and enjoyed. If you don't agree with me, run flat out for a few minutes on the spot, then try to sing an uptempo song while you do ....... I think you might get my point,

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