• St Kilda featured to Pharrell Williams' joyous song "Happy"

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      Top promotion for St Kilda

      A world wide phenomenon of towns and cities putting clever clips together choreographed to Pharrell Williams' hit song 'Happy'. I have watched a few of the best and worst of these efforts and Serge Thomann driving this project has created a world best.

      A fun video that highlights many of the features of this suburb but also many of the identities that have been fixtures here for many years.

      A fantastic job done here, will be used for St Kilda tourism from now on on TT!

      The people of St Kilda in Melbourne join the Happy craze and dance through their village and beaches. Check out the locals people and celebrities, like painter Mirka Mora, AFL Legend Ron Barassi, artist Gavin Brown, world champion skater Renton Millar, the Saints, skydivers, Luna Park and many others residents, traders and visitors having fun in this beautiful and cool place. Directed by Aaron Wilson (Director of the movie Canopy released on April 24, 2014) and produced by Serge Thomann.

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