• Kado Warehouse - An original and brilliant additon to Melbourne's cultural scene

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      KaDo is Japanese for “Way of the Flower”
      Ka ( flower ) Do (way of )

      Melbourne, Australia’s cultural capital, has more venues, boutique restaurants, cafes, bars and cabaret dens per head of population than any other city. Is there room for another arts venue in a thriving metropolis already spoiled for choice?

      Matthew Grant, Green Room Award winner and the man who conceived and founded Melbourne’s premiere cabaret venue, The Butterfly Club, says ‘Hell yes’. His latest venture, KaDo, is an intimate gallery‐bar‐theatre‐café housed in an old Richmond factory at 36 Cremorne St, Cremorne.

      Located in the heart of the former Cremorne Pleasure Gardens of Richmond (1852‐1862), KaDo celebrates those heady days of Melbourne’s Gold Rush era, when diggers were on the hunt for a bit of fun and flocked to Richmond, the original down and dirty home of burlesque, cabaret and music‐hall in Melbourne.

      After selling The Butterfly Club in 2006, Grant relocated to Tokyo, where he studied a Masters Degree in the ancient Japanese art of ikebana. Since returning to Australia in 2009, he has been converting an old Richmond warehouse into KaDo; combining a Japanese aesthetic with European cabaret hall in a very Australian style.

      Now in partnership with Gavin Macleod , creative director of The Puppet Box, Grant is ready to launch KaDo onto the Melbourne scene.

      “Art pushed to its outer limit: absurd, daring, sweet and hilariously disturbing” THE AGE

      KaDo kicks off on March 20th with a fully curated six week hybrid season of signature pARTy: cabaret, dance, opera, circus, music and visual arts. Offering quality food and beverage service alongside cabaret shows and art exhibitions, KaDo makes an impressive debut.

      “For those who like their cabaret to be downright dirty and thoroughly compelling” INPRESS


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