• Me and Youtube - Conspiracy Theories - 9/11

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      Not all that long ago I promised myself I'd never write an article based on a conspiracy theory. I used to laugh at how quickly some people gave credence to the most far fetched of ideas - and resolutely believed in them from then on.

      I still kinda feel that way today, although maybe not as strongly as I once did. Most things can be explained away pretty easily, if you open up your mind and think in common sense terms. But then, there are the others that do make you think a little and deserve not to be so easily dismissed and brushed aside. Now, I'm not saying I've suddenly become a conspiracy theory believer - because I doubt I ever will be. What I am saying, is that I now believe we owe it to ourselves to at least ponder the possibilities, just to be sure - it's a crazy old world out there.
      In the very least it makes for some very entertaining video presentations - just like this one .....

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