• The Dames album Launch at Northcote Social Club.

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      When a number of artists who have had a huge influence on the music scene come together, the term “Supergroup” comes to the fore. That’s exactly what happened when The Dames played the Northcote Social Club to launch their debut album. The Dames consist of Clare Moore, Kaye – Louis Patterson and Rosie Westbrook. With many years of musical experience behind them, it was a foregone conclusion that this album launch was going to be something pretty special. And special it was.

      The Dames

      The afternoon started with The Morning after Girls taking to the stage as The Dames support. Firing up a set of psychedelic guitar riffs, the duo played a set that set the perfect tone. The duo consisted of founding members Sacha Lucashenko and Martin B. Sleeman. With their driving guitars building a hypnotic wall of sound, more people were being drawn towards Northcote Social Clubs den of music mastery. Bringing back the 90’s music genre of shoe gaze into their set, it was very refreshing to see people are keeping many of the forgotten genres of music alive. Their set was epic in comparison to most support groups but then again, it really depends on who you are supporting.

      The Morning after Girls.

      The Dames were all set up on stage when the curtain was pulled back and the band was revealed. Clare Moore was in her usual position behind her drum kit, Rosie Westbrook was obviously playing Bass and Kaye-Louise Patterson was on keyboards. There were a couple of non-dames in the mix as well in the shape of Dave Graney on Guitar and Will Hindmarsh on Synthesiser. The set started off with Dudley, a song about the late Dudley Moore. The set was made up by a whole range of stories behind the songs that ranged from Aliens, Feather Dusters and your Football Team getting well and truly beaten. The set also had a couple of special guests coming to the stage. Stu Thomas from The Stu Thomas Paradox and Ashley Naylor from Even came on to participate in a song each. The launch was a sure fire success and rightly so. For artists who have given so much to the industry over many years it’s rewarding to see the support for such an event. Many members of the crowd were also a who’s who of the Australian Music industry which makes it even more special to have the support of your peers.

      The Dames with Ashley Naylor.

      The set was completed with a song written by a couple who made a great impression not only to the English music scene but also on the world stage. The Dames sang Auntie Aviator which was written by the late, great John Martyn and his then wife, Beverley.It brought a perfect Sunday afternoon to a close and really showed that the lyric from the musical South Pacific has some truth, “There is nothing like a Dame, Nothing in the world.”
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