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      Bow Tie

      Lloyd Atlantic receives a call from a friend, a police inspector, a man he has worked with in the past.
      "Listen Lloyd, I've got a problem here, hoping you can help?"
      "Go ahead."
      "Well, I'm at the ballroom dancing championships ...
      Published on 8th October 2011 03:39 AM  Number of Views: 857 
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      Brilliant Whispers

      by Rikimoto

      I sit cross-legged; darkness surrounds me in an attempt to suffocate the brilliant whispers stemming from the candle before me.

      I encircle myself with crystals and polished stones. As I prepare for meditation I close my eyes and begin a series of breaths within which I ease my mental burdens, out with the old and in with the new. Itís a slow process but one I am starting to master.

      As my mind clears I feel myself lifting. As my body straightens itself, correcting my posture, I cleanse myself as

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