• Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

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      Recently, on the never ending quest for brownie points, I have been day tripping to nearby attractions, the focus is on nature so this week we headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, I've driven past the turnoff to this place many times but never bothered to explore it, it was quite a surprise and well worth a visit..

      After walking through the (free) entry gate and heading down the stairs we were greeted by a vast red expanse..

      They provide you with a map and there is reasonable signage about, but we were content just to wander and discover..

      This chap is a Southern Brown Bandicoot, endangered and not surprisingly given it showed no real concern regarding our proximity..

      There are a series of themed gardens..

      There is a lookout tower nearby with decent views..

      And another short walk on a nearby track will take you to a picnic area with free barbecues, a playground and lot's space, there were kangaroos, wallabies and lot's of bird life about..

      There is a terrific array of native plant life, some wonderful smells and it's less than an hour from Melbourne, check it out!



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