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      by Published on 15th May 2012 04:12 AM  Number of Views: 1082 
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      I wonder if three simple sisters from New York ever imagined what they would unleash on the world. The three Fox sisters are widely considered to be the founders of spiritualism. The two younger sisters Margret and Kate announced on March 31st 1848 ...
      by Published on 20th June 2011 12:08 AM  Number of Views: 827 

      Hey everyone, each week I will see if I can come up with a few words and ideas that might not be considered main stream but will hopefully make you think a little. No better subject to start than attacking one figure who for some reason is offered more protection than any other... God!

      I have always wondered why Catholics in particular, but all religions to some degree, are so concerned about sex. The sin we are all alleged to be born with is transferred through the man's seed, hence the need for God to suspend all the laws of science and have Jesus borne of a virgin. However, when it comes to contraception and protecting oneself from this vile liquid, that is always a big no no. You must have as many children as you can, as long as you a married.

      This plays a vital role in keeping the poor, poor. But then saving money and affluence is a sin too is it not and as Mother Theresa, one of the champions of the anti-condom brigade, said suffering is an important part in our redemption - but that is an argument for another day - figures like herself and Gandhi can best be described by Christopher Hitchens "not friends of the poor, but friends of poverty". In recent times the views on condoms as abortion devices has relaxed a little. The pope gave us the fantastic news that it was ok to use a condom in some cases. For Example if you were a gay prostitute you could “wrap it” because the sin of being gay is bigger than that of a condom.

      Now you would be forgiven that The Lord himself must be prude and a sexual recluse, but when you examine some of the stories in the bible (albeit I did after having a few too many beers) you come to a rather different conclusion. God was a bit pissed off at something or other and wanted to wipe out the village of Sodom. If I was him I’d consider some anger management lessons. However the sweet little angels had a chat with him, trying to calm him down. They agreed if the Angels went down and found just one good bloke in the village god would let ‘em off.

      These two angels got there and kipped at Lot’s house. All the male villages seemed to be a bit gay (but aren't we all made in gods image) and wanted to have anal sex with angels. Lot said they couldn't do that as the angels were his guests and that would an affront to his hospitality. He came up with a fantastic and almost unbelievable story.

      They were told they could do what they wanted to his two virgin daughters. Something I’m sure we all would do in that position!!! God thanked him by letting him escape the village but told ‘em not to look back. I think God went back on letting them all off, however as usual the wife didn't listen to him so he turned her to a pillar salt. That taught her a lesson! Lot and his daughters went and lived in a cave…some great reward for saving the angel’s asses, huh?

      Then the real kinky taboo bit. One night the daughters were horny as hell, and were desperate to lay with a man. They knew that there Dad was a good bloke and would never touch them so together made some wine got him drunk. When he fell asleep the older had sex with him getting her pregnant, then younger daughter saw this and repeated the procedure the following night, all with their dad unawares, unbelievable, I mean these were meant to be the good people of the village but here they are raping their own father to produce an incestuous child!

      More importantly why was god telling everyone this??? Now only the most fanatical believer would take this story literally, but what is it an analogy for, and why did god use such a story to illustrate his point. One in which even today's sexually liberated world still would repulse most. There are many more examples that illustrate the sexually perverted god, the way he liked Adam and eve being naked. When they covered themselves up he went mental.

      More interestingly though the question we have to ask ourselves is why his followers repress what comes naturally to them. It is no different to denying your body is desire for food or water. Does this repression directly lead to the crimes committed by those who take the vow of celibacy? Over the years the Church has had to change its view point on many things with the advances in science. Maybe it’s time for it to change with differences in cultural morality as well!

      MICHAEL "jabba" HUTLEY

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