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      Evening Star home to THE SALON

      Co hosts Jacinta Le Plastrier and Renan Goksin

      Last century, back in the 90's I was intrinsically linked to a group of inspirational and extraordinary street poets. My dear friend the late Allan "Word Warrior" Gregory was one
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      Through Thick and Thin

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      I received this poem from Julie-Ann Avenell, very touching piece...

      Here is a poem I wrote for the Queenlanders who lost their lives and those who survived...
      Dedicated to all who lost their lives in the Queensland Floods

      The sky darkened as it drifted in

      The whole of Queensland would be engulfed within

      Its fury would unleash devastation despair

      Flooding the land with out thought or care

      The land would become an inland sea

      Stretching as far and wide as the eye can see

      So many livestock would die in its wake

      Beneath the waters of this enormous lake

      The rivers would rise beyond expectations

      Theodore is the first for evacuations

      The Heavens above unleashing its fury

      Becoming our judge and our jury

      As the waters rose the land would become

      An inland sea to most everyone

      Weeks of rain have befallen
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      Go traveller.

      Here's to all the dharma bums, the makers of music, the dreamers of dreams, those who live on love and air, the joyously lost, the gloriously adrift, the seekers, the circus joiners, the exiled, the wanderers, the stumblers, the free, a green tea toast to you all.

      May you all find a place to heal your lonliness, a person to call home, a vocation that finds you.

      May you never lose faith in redemption through travel, may your restlessness lead to peace.

      Go, traveller.


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