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      by Published on 24th September 2013 11:14 PM  Number of Views: 654 
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      Editor's note: Our Brenda Richards has taken out another Limerick award at the Local Elwood/Eco Centre.

      Riding the Tide

      A sceptic watched as the tide
      Gave a great white a fantastic ride
      But the water then rose
      Till it lapped at his toes
      Now hes got info from the inside.

      2013 Elwood/Eco centre poetry competition (Limerick division)


      Would you all just get off my back
      Cos Im only ...
      Published on 18th December 2011 12:26 AM  Number of Views: 589 


      Brenda Richards has taken out awards at the local writer's competitions over the last few years. A wonderfully insightful woman, Brenda won an award at the Port Phillip Writers Competiton for this limerick, and also won an award for Twelfth Night published under her Section yesterday.

      Feeling Prickly
      The possums have eaten the lemons
      And the snails slithered over the strawbs
      But I'll fix the lot
      Cos the new plants I've got
      Are cacti and spiky euphorbs

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