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Political and social aspects of First Nation life

  1. Remote Aboriginal Communities - Alternative Power and Water Supply

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    Will the above hand prints be the only remaining evidence that traditional Aboriginal society once existed or will the mining company bulldoze these sites as well?

    Please share, as we need as much support as we can get, for the remote Aboriginal communities, to help them to continue to remain on their land. If they are removed the first thing that will happen is that their sacred sites will be bulldozed, the fo
    llow on will the disintergration of our ancient Aboriginal culture. Once removed they will not be able to return to practice their ceremonies, eventually the language, ceremony and social systems will disappear. As what occurred along the east coast and in most area's, in cities, ...
  2. First Nation

    First Nations

    For those people, including Aboriginal people who have no knowledge of Aboriginal society in its purest form, the following is something that should be read. It will provide a real understanding of how Aboriginal society existed at the time of sovereignty (prior to contact), and the difference between Sovereignty and Native title.

    Traditional Aboriginal society was a complex system divided into clan, tribe and nation as well as dialect and language and moiety.

    Firstly, I will talk about ground zero, in terms of what is a clan, as opposed to the tribe, and nation. The clan is made up of the local descent group, that is, the extended family who live in what could termed, as a village or hamlet, ...

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    Indigenous Warrior , First Nation
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