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  1. Lost Blokes in Bangkok - Part 2

    Roland Peret is a French photographer, documentary film maker and a frustrated global property investor. When I first met him he was lounging outside a bar dressed in designer chic black threads which wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Parisian café.

    But they were bloody inappropriate attire for Bangkok’s sweltering climate.
    My first impression was, ‘ who the fuck’s this tosser ’.

    But first impressions don’t always paint a true picture. And hey, the guy’s a French artiste, so he’s hardly going to get around in a Bintang Beer singlet and thongs.

    You’ve got to cut the bloke a bit of slack !

    Anyhow before arriving in Bangkok he was working freelance, filming Russian tourists ...

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  2. Lost Blokes in Bangkok

    Lost Blokes in Bangkok

    I’m hanging around a neighbourhood of Bangkok called Phanakorn which attracts a colourful bunch of Global Ex Pats. It’s a surprisingly laid back and quirky pocket of this notoriously chaotic city. For want of a better picture builder cast your mind back to an early 1990s pre gentrified St Kilda. Transplant the cast of characters and bohemians with predominately Asian ones and substitute the bay with a sooty canal.

    Venice it ain’t, but the canal serves as a demarcation line to the seedy area of Khaosan Road. A notorious tourist strip littered with swarms of Touting Indian Tailors and legions of Dreadlocked Israeli Backpackers.
    My neighbourhood attracts a more genteel clientele. A sizable ...

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  3. Ageing gracefully

    Like Melbourne’s inexorable urban sprawl, the ageing process is an existential reality which can‘t be addressed with quick fix applications nor assuaged with marketing hype. Some of our city’s God forsaken outer suburbs are probably beyond salvation but mortals grappling with the fear of death- mortality are being offered extra time-hope with the help of bio technology.
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    A recent Time magazine article featured the Cenegenics Medical Institute in Las Vegas which bills itself as ‘the world’s largest age-management practice’. Their marketing suggests a unique and balanced combination of nutrition, exercise and hormone optimization.’ The later sounds more like what primary producers inject into poultry and ...

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  4. Claypots - live

    Claypots Seafood & Wine
    (03) 9534 1282
    213 Barkly St
    St Kilda, 3182


    213 Barkly St., St Kilda, Monday nights 8.30 - 10.30 p.m.

    Free. 8.30 'til they decide to stop.

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  5. Fabrizio Marsani

    According to my local council I live in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse municipalities where 150 languages are spoken. The council is currently in Cultural Diversity Week mode endeavouring to celebrate and showcase the diversity of these unlikely ethnic bedfellows. Melbourne has seen the gentrification of most suburbs which fall within a ten kilometre radius of the CBD during the last decade or so. It’s been a fairly predictable makeover were neighbourhood shopping strips have loosely supplanted utilitarian for lifestyle .

    My suburb’s gentrification hasn't been