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  1. Change the State of political play

    There is nothing to be gained by relentless banging against the gates of perceived political power when we are regaling them within the system that they control.

    When the system rallies you to march in the street it is looking for photo ops for public disobedience and public safety issues that have open traps and stooges planted to fulfill your wildest dreams of conflict...but that is what they are, traps.

    I really do not have the energy to rally the masses to march the streets, but I would offer an alternative.

    We need to get a raft of independents and credible single interest parties into the Senate and break ...
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  2. Democracy and the financial markets

    President of Iceland Olafur Ragnar Grimsson identifies that it is a sane choice by nations to protect their democracies by simply allowing the banks to crash and default the payment of loans due to the IMF and simply rebuild their countries from the ground up.

    After suffering IMF debts that were 10 times their national GDP, when the GFC hit, unlike Australia, Iceland's banks went crashing down in tune with the EU.

    Iceland is country where the will of the people is sovereign, unlike Britain and Australia where the will of Parliament is sovereign and it makes you think we may have things the wrong way around here, after all our current constitution is modeled on ancient Westminster principles.

    The Icelandic
  3. 'Crook' redlight cameras under investigation.

    'POPCORN' under fire - at last!

    The redlight camera on the corner of Lakeside Drive and Fitzroy Street has finally come to the attention of the authorities in realation to its massive revenue.

    Warrigal/Batesford Roads intersection also concerns traffic camera commissioner Gordon Lewis. He notes that this is not uncommon in 40km an hour zones preceding the red light camera.

    A 65% increase in the Lakeside Drive camera, a huge spike in the last three months of last year, is cause for great concern.

    I study this intersection and have found that local traffic is burnt and aware, I'd love to see the stats ...
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  4. Paradise Lost?

    by , 26th September 2014 at 12:58 AM (IN TENTS THAWTS - Mick Pacholli)
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    It appears that Numan Haider, on the evidence we have been told, was indeed attempting to carry out an extreme act of violence, an emulation of the beheading atrocities that have occurred in Syria.

    We need to keep our heads though; this is a terrible thing to think, but I firmly believe that there is no ‘foothold’ for terror in this country, it can’t start as a grass fire and consume us. There are just not enough of them to hold a fist and as we are the most tolerant country on the planet, that fact alone works against a mass inflammation here. No heretical philosophies like ISIS have a chance of getting any oxygen here…UNLESS we fuel its flames with fear, make potential radicals think ...
  5. Dr Yunupingu's message re-released with permission from his family

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    Sadly last year our country lost an inspiring leader who believed in a fairer and more unified Australia. Dr Yunupingu, Yothu Yindi's songwriter and lead singer, leaves an enormous legacy and example to respect and follow.

    The Gumatj man strongly believed that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be recognised in our nation’s founding document.

    After his death, honouring Yolngu traditions, we removed his video of support and image from our platforms and paid public tribute to this great man and the hope he gave all of us.

    His family has now given their permission for it to be restored to the site to remind all Australians - and eSpecially our
  6. Taking good Grass

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    Many years ago I was the secretary of the Collingwood Football Club Bowling Club, formerly Northcote BC at the bottom of Rucker's Hill in Westgarth, when MacAlister and Petrie were the bosses at the Magpies (fun times) and at the time I had had a set of Maestros made for me by Henselite, Maskell reckoned they were the new thang, much better than my Drakes Specials he said.

    All sets of lawn bows have insignias carved into them, I wanted my own original design and I had a huge male pot leaf pressed in a book, it was a cross of the original Califorinan Orange skunk that hit Oz and was huge and fat leaved plant. So I thought, ahhh, I'll get one of my graphic artist mates to copy and prepare ...
  7. Going off like a frog in a sock

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    Cyber War breaks out between China and the US

    Shit has just gone a way tad crazier than it was 24 hours ago.

    About 2am AEST a massive barrage of hacking and direct attacks through various streams into many web portals like mysql and html elements.

    What you are seeing on the Norse map though is only 1% of the actual attacks as the data would overwhelm systems in their 8 million computers that are set up as bait for hackers around the globe.

    Nations across the globe are also build their forces of Cyber warriors, there are a huge number of DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks flying between the countries and you can see these blazing off in
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  8. Sold out

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    I am sick of this "end of age of entitlement" furphy! What is being put on us as fast as their little minds will take them is to bring on the Liberal dogmatic Nirvana, where ALL their pet policies from 5 decades can be hoisted upon us and we can all nestle safely in the strategic military net of the US of A, and to ensure true parity to take money from the poor and remove all social security safety nets and many freedoms we take for granted in their wake.

    What the Liberal dogmatic idealist strategy is, is to turn our Federation into a 'little' USA. Sell off every bit of possible national capital we own and allow private industry to make the money. The idea that business is better is ridiculous ...
  9. RIP Tom Hafey

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    Tiger Legend Bows Out

    Growing up in Mentone and living right on Beach Road, seeing Tom Hafey running along the foreshore, up and down the cliff face, he was a terribly fit man.

    As it turns out the last time I saw him running was at a fundraiser and talk he gave at the St Kilda City Football Club at the Peanut Farm club house. He told some rollicking tales, gave sage advice and had the local players and fans capture with his positivity.

    At the end of the night he held an auction for some memorabilia as a fundraiser for the club...and himself. Thing was he had sold too many and had to do a bolt back to his house just down the road. I took off and have warmly remembered ...
  10. Bloodless Revolution

    STILL the most stable democracy in Australia.

    Blessed are we that our Police forces are still very much our brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, uncles and aunties that sit down at the family table. The 'paramilitary', same, same, of the Vic Police MUST be conscious that we all support them catching and even killing the bad guys to protect us, but a sniff of control as opposed to protection I do not think would end happily if artificially imposed.

    HEY COPPERS!!! Instead of battling crippled governments become OUR Police, we ALL know in these times, should the shit hit the fan, that you guys are the people trained to protect and enforce us, not herd us.

    NOT voting for a Party has little consequence ...
  11. Welcome Clive!

    by , 19th October 2013 at 12:19 AM (IN TENTS THAWTS - Mick Pacholli)
    Welcome to The Gray Hair Guru, enjoy you interaction mate!

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  12. Tramways Meeting at Bowlo Tomorrow

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    Super Stop to Block School Access

    Got an opinion on trams, cars and Acland Street?

    The route 96 tram project is part of the State Govt $800m Tram upgrade project. Information sessions are to be held on three occasions regarding planned changes to stop 133 Fitzroy street (outside SKIPPS) and Acland Street.

    Come along and have your say. The first session is TOMORROW - Saturday 15th June - at the St Kilda Bowls Club, Fitzroy Street - from 10am to 2pm.

    Updated 17th June 2014 at 01:58 AM by Mick Pacholli

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  13. Single Issue Partys and Far Middle

    by , 26th February 2013 at 02:56 AM (IN TENTS THAWTS - Mick Pacholli)
    Hit me like a Rock

    The Far Middle, I feel, can also be addressed by single issue Partys.
    Most people's response to the idea of multiple Independents being elected to represent us is the fear that once elected these individuals will coalesce into power groups or quasi Partys.

    So why vote for Labor, Liberal or the Greens if they don't really fulfill the one thing you want to change, but can't have an effect on because of major Party dogmatic refusal to hear their constituent's over their philosophical tranches.

    We don't want or need the major Partys to disappear, we need them to listen, to mature their approaches to governance.

    OK, the Sex Party, really just about individual expression.

    Updated 17th June 2014 at 02:01 AM by Mick Pacholli

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  14. Nitv

    Impressive is an Understatement

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    I have been watching a lot of NITV, the new Indigenous channel broadcast through SBS.

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    The quality of the programs, presenters and broadcast quality to my eyes is the best on Australian television today.

    Such a variety...and also a conduit for many other Indigenous media from around the Pacific and Melanesia.

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    I had just finished watching the Opening Ceremony and concert for the launch of the channel and I literally burst into tears of pride and joy to be presented with such a cutting edge presentation of the channel promo ad.

    Updated 17th June 2014 at 02:03 AM by Mick Pacholli

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  15. Protesters Lie Outright

    by , 8th November 2012 at 04:04 PM (IN TENTS THAWTS - Mick Pacholli)
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    50% Local Vote 'Against' is Misleading

    It appears that information being used to try and stop a much wanted McDonalds outlet in Upwey is being skewed to make people believe that a survey taken was answered with a local response of 50% of the local population voting yes and the other half voting no.

    It appears the YES vote is a real indication of the vote but the NO vote is formed from votes all over Australia...which on the face of it seems like the negative are pushing a fraud, as they are claiming it is a LOCAL vote.

    I'm about the same age as the many hippies, artists and tree huggers that fled to their 'Tree Change', all knowing very well in their hearts that ...

    Updated 17th June 2014 at 02:05 AM by Mick Pacholli

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