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  1. The art of change

    Anderson Park, Hawthorn East

    utumn has arrived, and we’re at the beginning of a transition. It is still warm in Melbourne, but soon we’ll see the changes in colour, falling of leaves, night-time coming earlier and the temperature getting notably cooler.

    With all this natural change that sets in every year it’s a wise time to reflect if there are some things you might like to shed so you can grow in other ways.

    The art of holding on and letting go is very personal but we all experience some form of this birth and death cycle regularly, some of us mindfully.

    If you’re in doubt what to
  2. 5 Mindful Hacks for the next 24 hours

    Mindfulness like all new skills needs to be practiced to achieve the benefits, with 5 Mindful Hacks for the next 24 hours you have no excuses not to try.

    I began meditating in my early 20s and at different stages of my life I have dedicated more time, but the more commitment I give to my practice the greater my experiences and overall life. The practice is the teacher.

    To start your practice you might want to try to integrate these 5 coaching Mindfulness hacks over the next 24 hours to help you sustain your choice to practice mindfulness more. Trust me when I say mindfulness can be life changing,
  3. The choice to live or die

    Hey guys! I am a 20-year-old male that lives with a chronic illness and I want to talk to you about whether if someone has a chronic illness, should they have the right to end their life with treatment and with the assistance of a doctor?

    Should an individual have the right to choose if they want to die, and who should be involved in this process? Should their parents have the right to have a say in the person’s decision if they are over the age of 18?

    Well I am going to talk from the point of view of a young adult who is sick. I would like to start by saying that I believe there is no right or wrong answer. It is a very complex issue but I feel that if there is medical evidence that they are suffering from something

    Updated 22nd November 2015 at 05:21 PM by Rob Greaves

    Health & Fitness , Body and Soul , Socially Aware
  4. Mindful brains

    Mindfulness is a type of psychology that changes your brain when practiced long term. Despite also being associated with ancient contemplative practice is now based on scientifically researched techniques that have been proven to boost your performance and literally alter your brain structure and function.

    Researchers from the University of British Columbia recently pooled data from more than 20 studies to understand how practicing mindfulness affects the brain. More about that published in HBR here.

    Through mindfulness practice the research found increases in brain activity
  5. Mindful of Mental Health

    It’s Mental health awareness week and the theme is Act, Belong, Commit. There is now evidence that conditions like depression and anxiety are prevalent in our society and often people experiencing it can feel isolated and alone, even when they are not. The purpose of this campaign is to get people talking and sharing and provide information about wellbeing and support. New evidence in psychology research shows connection is the key.

    I personally have been affected by mental illness, I lost my mother to mental ill health in 1999 after a long battle and ironically doing her masters research on the topic that broke

    Hello healthy people!

    This week I have decided to showcase one of our amazing Trainers from
    Blue Sky Fitness, Coach Nikki Thomson!! Mother of two and all out 'Super Woman' Nikki is bringing you a workout this week that will prepare your legs for the fantastic run events coming up in Melbourne this season

    I hope you enjoy reading Nikki's Blog and taking part in this super challenging workout, I have it in the diary for tomorrow!!

    Enter...Nikki Thomson

    With so many fantastic events coming up in the later part of the year such as the Melbourne Marathon Running Festival this weeks GETMOVING WORKOUT is dedicated
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  7. Mindful over Matter Melbourne

    Mindful over Matter Melbourne workshop happened last Saturday and a lovely group of people gathered with me to participate in a coaching workshop on Mindfulness. We explored the meaning of mindfulness, looked at the ways we think and process information and how we approach life in very different modes. The participants all connected with the content and found valuable learning points and insights during the workshop.

    One of the exercises involved mindfulness awareness of sensory perception and during the 20 minute meditation experience we travelled through each bodily sense to switch one off and focus on the next, this exercise is both empowering and enlightening when you begin to have awareness around how focus can expand your
  8. Self Coaching Sunday

    Self Coaching Sunday is a blog about a few easy tools you can do for yourself at home or work.

    In between coaching sessions I encourage clients to use tools that supports the coaching process, and provide ongoing opportunities for development, reflection and clarity.

    Three of these tools are called art journalling, vision boards and a thought diary, they are fun, creative and really useful in providing insight to your thoughts, behaviours and ideas.

    1. Art Journal: A scrap book for creative expression, sometimes words can’t capture a feeling or thought so having a visual diary is

    Hello Fitness Lovers!

    Are you ready for a super challenging high intensity workout this week? I hope so! No excuses!!

    We had such a great response last week in sharing a workout from one of my fellow Trainers from Northern Queensland and I really enjoyed showcasing the talents of @sarahfinafitness via the #getmoving blog

    This week I decided that I would like to share with all of you, the intense workout that was given to a group of us like minded crazy fitness ladies on the Gold Coast a couple of weeks ago… I give you Trina Graham
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  10. Sunday Sleep Ins

    Sunday Sleep Ins are a luxury in urban life!

    Why? I often hear people are sleep deprived and the usual reason ‘I have too much on my mind.’

    Once you get inside your bed, warm, cosy and comfortable if you tune into the present moment it should be a place where you feel like SLEEPING not thinking! But as we know brains are extremely persistent muscles that insist on chattering away sometimes well into the night. Here is the good news with a few bedtime habits you will be sleeping the whole night through in no time.

    • Switch off all electronics at least 20 minutes before sleep to allow the end of distractions. Don’t check them, if you’re feeling compelled to check your phone overnight and it is distributing

    Hello and welcome to a new week!

    I am fresh off the plane returning from a wonderful week on the Gold Coast. I am back in Melbourne feeling fresh and strong and ready to unleash some challenging workouts on all of YOU!

    I had an amazing week visiting some of my fellow Trainers’ workout sessions on the Gold Coast, may I say I was absolutely challenged by the two fabulous Trainers who coached me! A huge thank you to Trina, Sassy Fit Gold Coast (pictured below) and Jaime, Func Fit Gold Coast (pictured above) you both gave me an absolute mega workout and I will definitely be back for more of what I call the ‘good’ pain!! Loved it and
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  12. Overcoming self doubt

    Overcoming self doubt, the title of todays blog was inspired by my clients, everyone who comes to coaching or in any position of success has to rise above their own fears. It is untrue to think that people who have made it doing a job they love have perfect confidence and free of self doubt. Doing what you love in life means removing the control of fear not it’s existence. Like an equation, love – fear= purpose. Everyone at some point has to face their demons, their negative self talk and doubts. And good news is you don’t have to do it alone. That’s why I am here!

    Where does self doubt come from? Often it will ...
  13. Keep the Body in Mind

    Do you ever feel like your brain is trying to control you? Have you ever noticed sometimes you have absolutely no control over you brain?

    Its true, we don’t. The mind will rattle off chatter continuously until the day you die and some of the content is just universal human condition, some of the noise you won’t even identify with, some you pick up during your day and quite often other voices can become yours if you don’t pay attention. How many time have you hear a winger talk negatively and before long you have that voice in your hear repeating the same crap over and over and taking you

    Good morning healthy people!!

    I am bouncing off the walls this morning after hearing the news last night that I have been nominated for the TELSTRA BUSINESS WOMEN'S AWARD!! I am so honored to be able to share this great news with you all and I am very privileged to be able to share my passion with all of you daily! Plain and simple, I love what I do!

    So let's get down to business with our #GETMOVING workout for this week! Set to the well known and rocking track by ACDC, "Long Way To The Top".... we are going to rock a strength workout focused on the upper body and core muscles incorporating the use of Dumbbells and a Skipping
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  15. It's time to BURN BABY BURN with my next #getmoving workout!!!

    Hello healthy people!!

    I hope you have all been moving every day! Even a five minute walk up the stairs rather than taking the lift perhaps??

    So, I bet after reading the title of this week's blog you are already having a little sing a long in your head to the 70's classic 'Disco Inferno'.... I love it and it inspired me to create this week's workout based on a fun combination of exercises, using just a set of Dumbbells.... if you don't have weights accessible to you, grab a couple of cans of Baked Beans...they will do the trick!!...or do it without weights if that suits you!

    Be sure to warm up for at least four to five minutes with some high knees running on the spot and dynamic stretches such
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