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    By John Taylor

    Years ago I was in a working relationship with a group of young men who, like myself, had dreams of taking our adventure to the highest levels possible. Unfortunately it all came crashing down when a principal person decided he wanted to separate the group and a couple of us were left stranded.

    It hit me very hard, to say the least. In fact, it hit me so hard I stopped doing something I had a passion for simply because I was full of so much frustrated anger and blame towards this person, feelings I have carried for the ensuing 33 plus years. In hindsight it includes feelings of dis-empowerment:
  2. It's Only A Tree..?..

    Wow... I thought I was prepared. I thought I had come to terms with the fact our huge Liquidambar tree in the front yard was dead and it was time to let her go.

    It felt like a shift in perspective, a letting go of the past, a moving forward, creating a space for new opportunities.

    It was a sudden death. All of a sudden a tree that had stood proudly in our front yard was dead. Dead how… dead why..? So sudden.

    Had it been poisoned? Possibly? No.

    The arborists who came to quote called it ‘dieback’, a common thing apparently for the Liquidambar. It could have been a slow process
  3. Grief & Physical Loss - New Ways To Connect

    Imagine a life where your loved one is by your side every second.

    Am I crazy? No ...

    Consider this. We have five senses - sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

    Have you ever met a blind person? Their sense of sounds, touch, taste and smell are heightened because they can't see.

    Well I believe that when our loved one leaves the physical world they are still ever present in our lives.

    As a result when my mum died my awareness of her presence became stronger and the more I allowed her to present to me in other ways, the more I connect with her on a daily basis.

    Yes, I would love her to be here in the flesh in the physical world however that is not to be.

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  4. We Have Been Selected as a Top Resource at The Wellness Universe #WUVIP

    Our desire to contribute to a Better World has been recognised.
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    Check it out... you are sure to find wellness resources you may have never known were out there.


    Jude and John


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  5. It's Different Now. . .


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  6. Grief Becomes Your New Reality . . .

    Suddenly ... Death was in my face ... What Now?

    The end of a life on earth as we know it.

    Unimaginable that this is happening. Everything… everything I know… everything I believe is in my face and suddenly I don't know anymore. I don't believe anything.

    I'm just sitting in the experience of death.

    Whatever your belief system, however those beliefs resonate for you, suddenly this overwhelming experience is in your face.

    Whatever you thought you were living… whatever direction you thought you were going… it all changes when suddenly death is in your face.

    Grief becomes a word that rears its head with each breath as you contemplate what death means when it

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  7. August 14th, 2014

    Thank you for visiting my website www.positive and Mum Moments - Journey Through Grief Facebook page.

    Just letting you know that I have reviewed the price of my book to make it affordable for everyone who needs it. Price details for both paperback and ebook are on the website.

    Jude xoxoxo


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  8. MUM MOMENTS - Journey Through Grief

    MUM MOMENTS - Journey Through Grief

    Your mother is Special, whether you call her "mum", "mom", "mam" or "ma".

    When Judy Taylor's mother died suddenly in February 2011 she was thrown into a world of emotions.

    Writing her journal became her way of dealing with the grief that at times threatened to totally overwhelm her.

    Friends and clients who read excerpts said it helped them with their own feelings, more than they expected.

    One close friend responded by visiting her own mother for a hug. Until then their relationship had been strained.

    Now "MUM MOMENTS Journey Through Grief" is available as a working tool to help others in need.

    What readers say:: ...
  9. Change Your Perspective

    Change your perspective and you can change the colour of your day. Jude xoxoxo
    Copyright (C) Judy Taylor 2014


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