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The Opera Boys do their good thang!

  1. EPIC EVE!

    THEATRE REVIEW of GLAMM Productions THE WISDOM OF EVE Theatre Works Directed by Meredith Fuller

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    4 performances left: playing Fri 6.45, Sat matinee 1.45 & GALA 6.45, Sunday 5pm
    How do solve a problem like Maria..... fck wrong movie damn How do u solve a problem like my Eva, ah yes that feels better already. Not a musical not an opera but of operatic proportions this juggernaut of dialogue and intrigue is none-the-less a fascinating amalgam of script to film n back again... phew!!

    Arriving at the all now all too familiar "Theatreworks' in Acland St (just around the cnr from the only Penthouse I ever managed to live in longer than
  2. MEN-acing/icing?

    “Gay you've got to hide your love away” written by Beatles/John Lennon is possibly the saddest song and I proudly claim it on behalf of all the men In My Life (I've loved them all) another Beatles anthem. I've paraphrased the title its really Hey not Gay, so, hey I've had to hide my love(s) away, Imagine that.

    I had lunch today (as ladies of my generation are want to do) with one of my dearest gay male friends yesterday lets call him Mark. He’s a father now lives alone n sees the kids at weekends so normal yet he is supposed to be a menacing person to other men, one of the hidden gays. Not so he is educated beyond need really handsome refined well travelled a collector of all fine things in lie and curiously too young to be a Beatles ...

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  3. Whitefella Dreaming

    …… of the comparisons twixt early artists representations of the the darkness is now being counterpointed by our local indigenous people (Australian Aboriginals) apparently visionary opposing view, Yes in the dark ages bats dragons were all symbols of the Dark Side and poor reptiles were the creatures of the underworld or the Devil. Our young/Jung presenter tonight at CGJung Society of Melbournes’ monthly guest talk is Geoff Berry, with a PhD completed in 2009, about the relationship between white and black ideas regarding the earth and its symbols, such as the snake.

    We white folks see reptiles as devil creatures yet our Aboriginals see The Rainbow Serpent (a recurring image in their ...

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