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  1. Fabrizio Marsani

    According to my local council I live in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse municipalities where 150 languages are spoken. The council is currently in Cultural Diversity Week mode endeavouring to celebrate and showcase the diversity of these unlikely ethnic bedfellows. Melbourne has seen the gentrification of most suburbs which fall within a ten kilometre radius of the CBD during the last decade or so. It’s been a fairly predictable makeover were neighbourhood shopping strips have loosely supplanted utilitarian for lifestyle .

    My suburb’s gentrification hasn't been
  2. Lost Blokes in Bangkok

    Lost Blokes in Bangkok

    I’m hanging around a neighbourhood of Bangkok called Phanakorn which attracts a colourful bunch of Global Ex Pats. It’s a surprisingly laid back and quirky pocket of this notoriously chaotic city. For want of a better picture builder cast your mind back to an early 1990s pre gentrified St Kilda. Transplant the cast of characters and bohemians with predominately Asian ones and substitute the bay with a sooty canal.

    Venice it ain’t, but the canal serves as a demarcation line to the seedy area of Khaosan Road. A notorious tourist strip littered with swarms of Touting Indian Tailors and legions of Dreadlocked Israeli Backpackers.
    My neighbourhood attracts a more genteel clientele. A sizable ...

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  3. Drug War to End!

    In 72 hours a high level global Commission, including five former Heads
    of State, will call on global leaders to end the utterly failed 'war on

    But to get action it needs massive global public support. I just
    signed a urgent petition which will be delivered to the UN Secretary
    General in days.
  4. Bogans Banned?

    BAN the BOGAN

    The thinking bogan's bogan - Chris Franklin

    ‘Everybody’s gotta have somebody to look down on,
    Who they can feel better than at any time they please,
    Someone doin’ something dirty decent folks all frown on
    If you cain’t find nobody else then help yourself to me.’
    Kris Kristofferson wrote it. Good on ya Kris, you said it well. But we’re not hearing it.

    I hoped we’d got a bit more civilized over the years. We try to discourage discrimination by race, religion, sexuality, age and physical or intellectual features. I know we’ve still got a

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  5. Geoff Krozier – A Magik Story

    Geoff Krozier – A Magik Story

    Geoff Krozier (1948 – 1981)

    Variously known as Jeff Crozier, Geoff Crozier and Geoff Krozier, his birth name was Geofrey Thomas Crozier. This extraordinary soul was bizarre, upfront, outspoken, incisive, energetic and electric. By profession he

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    Rainbow Generator and Geoff Krozier , Rob Greaves
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  6. I Remember .... when it was great to be a kid!

    I look around me and in particular I look at kids and I see young people desperately trying to be sophisticated at a young age, or worse, I see kids whose parents try to make them sophisticated at a young age. With the progress that technology has both provided and forced upon us, it seems to me that kids just don't get to be kids anymore.

    Being a kid in the 1950’s was probably amongst the best time to have indeed, been a kid. Life in Australia was pretty good. The war was over, foods and household goods were in abundance. The country was riding high on the back of wheat and wool and unemployment was almost unheard of, so family life was settled and in the main quite stress free. It was then that my family made a move that would ...

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    I Remember , Rob Greaves
  7. Shameful Intervention Continuation

    It is an absolute disgrace that the Australian Government and the cowards that are helping to ruin this country have decided under Stronger Futures legislation to extend the interference of The Intervention in the lives of our indigenous citizens for another 10 years.

    Despite the Green's attempts to take out the worst parts of this legislation a virtually empty Senate chamber saw Labor and Liberal band together to ram this ruinous legislation through in the dead of night.

    Aboriginal leaders are incensed at what amounts to a War on Democracy. Our country is sliding back to its dark past and we as whole ...
  8. A Day in Kyoto

    Before arriving in Japan I had heard about the Gion-matsuri, a month long festival, one of Japan`s three most important apparently, held in the city of Kyoto, and I was reliably informed that one of it`s highlights is "yamaboko jyunko", parade of halberds, on the morning of the 17th.

    It was common knowledge in my Osakan hotel and a number of guests were planning to attend so when these Chinese boy`s (from Malaysia) that I had previously met told me they were going it seemed a good fit, they were organised and had the whole day planned.

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    First it was on to the subway for the short ride to Osaka station..

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    Then a transfer

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    Peers call her “The Voice”…
    Friends call her “Angel”….
    Fans “Incredible”….

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    This extraordinary Melbourne based singer/songwriter/musician was mindfully chosen by renowned Victorian artist Jim Van Geet as the subject for his entry into the 2012 Archibald Prize. The portrait of Lucy Gale titled “Somewhere under the Rainbow” is currently on display along with 39 exciting and diverse paintings of well-known subjects as part of the 2012 “Hidden Faces” exhibition. And what a worthy subject too. Lucy who did not utter a word during her first six years of life began her vocal communication in song and was immediately recognized for her extraordinary talent and perfect pitch from that ...

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  10. Sumo!

    An enduring aspect of Japanese culture is Sumo, a competitive full-contact sport where a wrestler (rikishi) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyo) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. The sport originated in Japan, the only country where it is practiced professionally.

    My only experience was the rare glimpse we get on Australian TV, enough to create considerable interest when the prospect of attending a Grand Sumo tournament presented itself. My "aide" was Karla, a Brazilian lady (friend of a friend) who lives just outside Nagoya, the location for this event, one of just six of the annual "Grand" tournaments.

    We met at the Nagoya castle, yes all these cities ...

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  11. A Day in the LIfe

    Travelling is not all glamorous hotels, sandy beaches, exotic night life and cultural revelations, the more mundane daily tasks like, well, survival, also have to be tended to...with this in mind I headed off to my local supermarket to get my breakfast supplies, banana`s and yoghurt, cereal is not common and is restricted to things like froot loops and equally sugary variants, and at the asking price they are not an option, at all.

    So I headed into the arcade, mindful of the ubiquitous bicycles..

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    these old ladies with umbrella`s are not the most dangerous, that honour lies with young girls sending ...

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    Fill Ya Boots!
  12. Cheung's wing chun academy

    Now for something REALLY AWESOME………

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    The aim of Wing Chun Kung Fu is to develop physical, mental and spiritual awareness. These elements transcend you to a higher level of life. Self-awareness, self respect and a duty to serve should be the goal of life in every martial artist. Meditate on these principles and make peace with your study of Kung Fu, a way of life.

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    Grandmaster William Cheung

    For 30 plus years, I’ve had the privilege of knowing Grandmaster William Cheung and about the art of Wing Chun. Yet it has only been in the last four months that life has taken me to become a student at his academy in Lonsdale Street, Melbourne ...

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  13. Wing chun kung fu

    The Creation of Wing Chun
    written by Grandmaster William Cheung

    Chapter 3 from his book: "My Life with Wing Chun"

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    Grandmaster William Cheung

    During the end of the Ming Dynasty, just prior to 1644 A.D., the Manchu Army from the north east of China was invited to China to curb the civil war. Before, they were allowed to bring an army into China they were made to vow that as soon as the revolution was quashed, the Manchu must leave China. In their vow, the Manchus stated that if they ever broke the promise to leave China they would either serve like horses and cattle to the Chinese people or would perish instantly. With the help of the Tibetan monks, after defeating

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  14. RAINBOW GENERATOR (AKA The Generator)

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    “The untold story of Australia’s first, and longest operating Experimental Electronic Group.”

    This is the story not just about what might be Australia’s first experimental electronic music group, but is also about the people associated with it, and the music that was produced over an amazing 36 year period.

    Rainbow Generator is the name of Australia’s first true experimental electronic music group. Consisting of David Labuschagne (nee Mow), who is colloquially known as Mojo, and myself, Rob Greaves who is also known as Ras. Over the years the group has had a number of other musicians join for various projects, but David and I were ...

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    Rainbow Generator and Geoff Krozier , Rob Greaves
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  15. Rainbow Generator Discography

    Rainbow Generator / The Generator /
    Krozier & The Generator / MoonRockers


    The list of recorded material is voluminous, however, the following is material released on vinyl and CD under the names Rainbow Generator, Krozier and the Generator or, The Generator. The non-electronic music is released under the name of the MoonRockers.

    All material is available for purchase and is prepared on demand, except for the vinyl which is in stock.

    Vinyl Releases

    1977 – Dance Of The Spheres (Fission-Chips label), by Rainbow Generator. Experimental electronic music featuring Damien Burnett – Didjeridu (track 3), Naomi Lego – Vocals (tracks 6 and 10), Tor Davis - Vocals (track

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    Rainbow Generator and Geoff Krozier , Rob Greaves
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