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"The Podcast Blog explores what's funny, serious, trying so hard to be serious it's bloody funny, homemade and professional in the podcasting world..

It shares the thoughts of those who create them and those who listen and watch.

The blog's producer Campbell Cooney has a long career as a journalist, and is a huge fan of podcasts as a listener and viewer.

Be warned, if you ask him about the best technology you can use to record a podcast, he'd probably give you a blank stare. But when it comes to what is in a podcast, and what's good and bad, he's worth listening to.

  1. Podcasts. Drought and Surf & Turf taste tests. Highs and lows of a 3,000 klm road trip North

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    Dust storm, just South of Walgett NSW
    Photo Credit: Campbell Cooney

    Greetings from the warm, sunny and temperate hills of Queensland's Atherton Tablelands.

    The trip meter on the car tells me that since leaving Melbourne I've travelled nearly 3,000 kilometres with a driving time of around 30 hours, with all of it apart from the final leg from Townsville, through the inland of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

    Across the last two states the signs of the devastating drought are everywhere. I took the photo above as I approached Walgett in Northern NSW. That was the heart of the storm, but even 200 kilometres up the road across the border at Dirranbandi,
  2. Festive season road trip. Or, what to listen to while driving to Queensland?. Suggestions please

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    Right now it's a sad and sorry time if you're a fan of radio.

    The ABC's had its feathers trimmed, if not not completely shorn off. Commercial radio's dominated by a mix of boofy fuckwitted brekky, afternoon and drive crews dismally failing at being funny, or opinionated overpaid senior citizens who are happy to embrace the paid for views of their biggest sponsors, and make them their own.

    Sad thing is that the number of people who listen to this crap means they stay on air. Further proof that good taste, and intelligence, are often mutually exclusive. Call me an elitist if you want, but I spent years reporting on the opinions and views of the fuckwits who dominate public
  3. Podcasting. Just a few hints. Part I

    Now I'm not a lecturer. But as the title for this blog'll tell you, I listen to a lot of podcasts.

    I listen to them in the car, and when, like I'm doing now, writing for this, and for the other things I do to try and earn a crust.

    So, if I don't mind saying so, I reckon I have an idea of what works. So if you're passionate about the idea, and you and your mates, or family have the idea to create something, then here's a few ideas.

    Now don't expect a list of the best technology you can use, or the best way to get the word out, be it Apple
    iTunes or another source. I'll look at some of those in the future.

    Also I'm thinking about putting new thoughts here on a continual basis, as well as the

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