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  1. Podcasts. Drought and Surf & Turf taste tests. Highs and lows of a 3,000 klm road trip North

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    Dust storm, just South of Walgett NSW
    Photo Credit: Campbell Cooney

    Greetings from the warm, sunny and temperate hills of Queensland's Atherton Tablelands.

    The trip meter on the car tells me that since leaving Melbourne I've travelled nearly 3,000 kilometres with a driving time of around 30 hours, with all of it apart from the final leg from Townsville, through the inland of Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

    Across the last two states the signs of the devastating drought are everywhere. I took the photo above as I approached Walgett in Northern NSW. That was the heart of the storm, but even 200 kilometres up the road across the border at Dirranbandi,
  2. The parodies continue: Carefully taking the piss out of This American Life

    When it comes to poking fun at a program like "This American Life" it's something you do carefully.

    As we've heard here its spinoff podcast "Serial" is already being played for laughs. Now "That American Life" is doing it to big daddy.

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    Photo Copyright: That American Life

    This American Life's great success is that it takes human stories, which at first you might think are totally unimportant, and turning them into something that becomes gripping listening, something which must be credited to its host Ira Glass.

    That American Life (Rittle confusing. I think I need a drink) presented by Ira Class (Get it? Actually right now trying to differentiate between ...
  3. The Serial Parody. Of course it had to happen.

    You'll remember last week I had a look at "The Serial", the podcast which follows one story with an episode on it per week, currently looking at the factors surrounding a 1990 murder in the US city of Baltimore?
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    Photo Copyright: The Serial Podcast

    My description of it was:
    "Fucking Amazing!!"

    And be all accounts, listeners and critics around the world agree. Perhaps not in exactly those words.

    But in the tradition of some of the great dramatic pieces of fiction and non fiction one very smart American's decided to take the piss out of it, and has done so with great style.
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  4. The Bondi Hipsters. Proof that nothing's as funny as taking yourself seriously.

    I don't know where you're reading this, maybe in one of the capital cities of Australia, maybe overseas in Europe, the USA or even in Asia?

    But I'll take a bet that wherever you are it's hard to avoid this subcultural group?
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    Photo copyright: zanachin,

    You guessed it. The Hipster, the urban, quasi intellectuals, who, like every subculture before them, try so hard to look like individuals, they look exactly the same as each other. And in the race to fall into line with their mates (Mind you I don't know if mate's a word a real hipster would actually use? Please dispute or discuss at your leisure) are helping fashion labels and retail outlets make a fortune.

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