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  1. Writers for social justice

    I missed out on modern history at school and confess that for decades I shied away from gaining much knowledge of the rise of fascism as it all seemed too ugly, too horrific, to delve into.

    Now I’m finding it hard to put down Anna Funder’s All That I Am, a novel based on real events in the period between WWI and II, when Hitler rose to power and those on the Left, the communists and socialists of all stripes, were purged. The captured were rounded up and put in prisons until there were so many that concentration camps were created to house them. Thousands of journalists, writers, poets, activists and intellectuals fled Germany ...
  2. ASYLUM - a novel in weekly parts!!!

    Check out the 4th instalment of my serialised novel, Asylum.

    Seeking asylum from the wreckage of her life, Yvette Grimm arrives in Australia on a holiday visa. She applies for permanent residency with no hope of success. Resisting advice that she marry to stay in the country, Yvette invests her hopes in a palm-reader’s prophecy that she would meet the father of her children before she’s thirty. She’s twenty-nine.

    Set in the excoriating heat of an endless Perth summer, Asylum is a gripping tale of one woman’s struggle to stay in Australia. Dark, absurd and hilarious by turns.

    In which Yvette battles on in her dismal Maylands flat and makes an unexpected discovery…


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  3. I should have done something sooner - a short short story on bullying

    Here's a true and very short story on bullying. I guess this might resonate with some. If you want to read more of my stuff go to

    I should have done something sooner. That’s what my neighbour said. Best nipped in the bud. A good hard slap across the face will shut her up. Said she never had any trouble in the playground after that. But my best friend’s husband was right about me. I’m a coward. And cowards cower. They don’t punch or slap. I found that out about myself in my old school playground. Now I was a teacher with a demon of a boss who had never outgrown the playground thug.
    I was working at
  4. Free Novel!!!! Asylum - Part Two


    …in which Yvette confronts the squalor of her friend Thomas’ flat…

    Yvette stood in the aisle beside her back-row seat. Behind her the other passengers jostled for a place in the tightly-packed queue. After a ten-hour bus ride, another hour in transit to Tullamarine airport, and a tedious three hour wait for a smooth four-hour flight across the desert guts of Australia, her skin felt dirty and Special and she hankered for somewhere, anywhere, quiet, cool and still.

    Instead, the steward opened the plane’s rear door and Perth greeted Yvette with a gust of hot, dry air. November, and it must have been a hundred degrees.

    The heat was at once exotic and familiar, the heat Yvette ...

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  5. ASYLUM - a novel in weekly parts

    Not every day an author gives away a whole novel. I had been asked and asked again if I would blog a book-length story and I'm glad I'm doing it. Feedback so far is encouraging. Some readers have formed a reading group to discuss weekly instalments. Start reading the story here and for this week's instalment follow this link.
    Here's what people are saying:
    ”Asylum has all my favourite elements: politics, social justice, strong women characters, and an unexpected ending. Impeccably written in clear, succinct, yet sophisticated prose, Asylum is a thoroughly enjoyable read.” – Jasmina Brankovich.
    ”Hurry up with instalment two – I am totally hooked and need ...