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  1. Abbott’s barrow of inhumanity

    I realise I have a number of Liberal supporters in my friendship network. I am not Liberal in a political sense, but I understand and respect those who are. If I didn’t, then I couldn’t in the next breath champion social democracy. A pluralistic society includes a wide range of views/beliefs/party affiliations and so on.

    Having said that, I cannot condone our current leadership. Yes, all politicians are apt to be very one-sided, to push their own barrows and in so doing make all the other barrows seem full of falsehoods and bad policies.

    Abbott, however, is beyond the pale.

    And he’s back to his old self.
  2. Writers for social justice

    I missed out on modern history at school and confess that for decades I shied away from gaining much knowledge of the rise of fascism as it all seemed too ugly, too horrific, to delve into.

    Now I’m finding it hard to put down Anna Funder’s All That I Am, a novel based on real events in the period between WWI and II, when Hitler rose to power and those on the Left, the communists and socialists of all stripes, were purged. The captured were rounded up and put in prisons until there were so many that concentration camps were created to house them. Thousands of journalists, writers, poets, activists and intellectuals fled Germany ...
  3. ASYLUM - a novel in weekly parts!!!

    Check out the 4th instalment of my serialised novel, Asylum.

    Seeking asylum from the wreckage of her life, Yvette Grimm arrives in Australia on a holiday visa. She applies for permanent residency with no hope of success. Resisting advice that she marry to stay in the country, Yvette invests her hopes in a palm-reader’s prophecy that she would meet the father of her children before she’s thirty. She’s twenty-nine.

    Set in the excoriating heat of an endless Perth summer, Asylum is a gripping tale of one woman’s struggle to stay in Australia. Dark, absurd and hilarious by turns.

    In which Yvette battles on in her dismal Maylands flat and makes an unexpected discovery…


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  4. Building bridges: asylum seekers in rural Australia

    Just a little bit pleased to have published in e-journal On Line Opinion Building bridges: asylum seekers in rural Australia, reflecting on a recent home hospitality respite holiday for asylum seekers on bridging visas that I organised under the auspices of the Home Among the Gum Trees program run by Elaine Smith in Dandenong (Melbourne). Here are hosts Jon and Lou , who got involved in this project because they wanted to find out for themselves about refugees and provided the following feedback.
    ”There has been so much press about asylum seekers, but the human stories underneath hardly get a mention, and we really didn’t know what to expect when we met our young refugee family off the bus at Pambula,” Jon said. ”Language was a major ...

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  5. On Air

    I’ll be on Ann Creber’s The Good Life this Monday (8th September) at 4.10 pm, talking about the home hospitality respite program for asylum seekers that I coordinate for the Bega Valley under the auspices of
    Home among the Gum Trees, Rural Australians for Refugees.

    Tune in to 3MDR, 97.1FM or go to their website for live streaming.
  6. On a Cold Night

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    Awake at three thirty. Very cold again. World Refugee Day but my attention was elsewhere for much of the day. But at three thirty my mind had decided to calculate the income of asylum seekers on bridging visas (80% of dole), surmising the sort of rent they would pay. Not a lot left for food. After food comes bills, clothes, travel fares etc.Not allowed to earn any income and unaware of such practices as dumpster diving, how to get free (suspended) coffees and free food from food banks and charities they really do it tough. So I pictured asylum seekers lying in their beds in freezing cold houses and dressed in overcoats throughout the day. Then I widened the net to include all disadvantaged groups, eSpecially ...

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