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  1. Mindful brains

    Mindfulness is a type of psychology that changes your brain when practiced long term. Despite also being associated with ancient contemplative practice is now based on scientifically researched techniques that have been proven to boost your performance and literally alter your brain structure and function.

    Researchers from the University of British Columbia recently pooled data from more than 20 studies to understand how practicing mindfulness affects the brain. More about that published in HBR here.

    Through mindfulness practice the research found increases in brain activity
  2. Pondering life

    Have you taken the time to ponder on your virtues and faults, to look at your thoughts and feelings and those of others around you also. Doing so will help you asses the decisions you have made in life and how they impact you and those you share life with. Reflecting gives you an opportunity to make profound and constructive change in your life and align your goals with values. Change usually means letting go of some things you previously identified with and keeping others, sometimes even people. The outcome and quality of your reflective period will determine the accuracy of your intuition moving forward.

    Tips for
  3. Keep the Body in Mind

    Do you ever feel like your brain is trying to control you? Have you ever noticed sometimes you have absolutely no control over you brain?

    Its true, we donít. The mind will rattle off chatter continuously until the day you die and some of the content is just universal human condition, some of the noise you wonít even identify with, some you pick up during your day and quite often other voices can become yours if you donít pay attention. How many time have you hear a winger talk negatively and before long you have that voice in your hear repeating the same crap over and over and taking you
  4. Self Love Series Event

    Self Love Series Event was held in my hood yesterday. I was invited to join a tribe of women in South Yarra for a full day workshop! Outrageous isnít isnít it? Can you imagine a full day devoted to loving yourself? Luxurious!

    Iím a single mum of four and I can tell you self love is a must have on my menu for life and I was so happy to see there was a room full of women who agreed and were enthusiastic about self lurvin!

    Hosted by The Daily Guru, a Sydney based online publication offering daily serves of personal growth, wellbeing and events, the Self Love Series Event featured four speaker/facilitators from the Wellness Industry.

    Rebecca Caines (Daily Guru Founder) graciously hosted the event with Steph Demetrious,
  5. Melbourne Coach TV Launch

    Melbourne Coach TV Launch has finally happened!

    Lights Camera Action!

    This is going to be an exciting way to connect, share the fun and fabulous work I have been doing and some of the events, brands and amazing people I am involved with! Sharing the best of Melbourne Wellness, Business and Lifestyle scene coming to you live on location!

    We’ll have some tips, tricks, tools and laughs to brighten your day and give you some of the Aussie cheer, you’ll be bouncing like a kangaroo in no time! Sorry I will try not to crack silly jokes!

    Melbourne Coach TV is going to interview amazing people and brands and share the best wellness, business and lifestyle practices in Australia with the
  6. Life Coaching Giveaway

    Life Coaching giveaway time!

    Coaching is a fairly new Industry and some people have never even considered how a Life Coach could be beneficial to different aspects of your life, others confuse it with Psychology or mentoring but it is actually very different. I decided to give you the chance to give coaching a try for free without any further commitment. Maybe you want to work on some part of your personal or professional life and curious about how Life Coaching can help?

    To receive this Life Coaching giveaway all you have to do is subscribe to my Melbourne Coach News mailing list HERE to go ...
  7. Loves me, loves me not.

    14th Feb is Valentines Day and in Australia itís closing in on the end of Summer, lonely heart singles must scramble to find a Valentine to be coupled off for the cold, rainy Winter months ahead! Actually, In all honesty I donít think many of us single folks are all that desperate to be coupled off but it doesnít mean we donít believe in finding true love!

    There are so many options now for the romantic soul to fall deep in love, find friendship, engage in digital love or even a casual sex hookups or two, three, four all at the touch of a button! I think it is fair to say online dating is now kosher with even the most respectable folks giving it a go but donít be fooled, just like ordinary dating there are pitfalls and players online ...

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  8. Beginners Mind

    There was a lot going on for me this week biologically (giggles), the girls had one of those non descript bugs that wasn’t quite a cold but there was a bit of a cough and rash and of course having four daughters is like constant bio-chemical warfare. My immune system is tough, not much is able to fight against and win.
    But this week I felt quite tight in the muscles and noticed it building up in the shoulders, my cycle was nearing completion and while I don’t have horrible bouts of moodiness or PMS I do tend to be more vulnerable around that time and also more susceptible to other peoples disturbances. I have seen other women become a complete mess so I am grateful for getting through with minor abrasions.
    I have suffered

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