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  1. What is Life Coaching?

    Life Coaching with Marion is a partnership and conversation usually with professionals and people who want to make changes either individually or in group coaching. During coaching the focus is on uncovering and improving mindset and behaviours intentionally.

    Coaching sessions go for 1 hour and usually are in packages of 6 at my Hawthorn practice or groups facilitated at your place of work. What is Life Coaching all about?

    During sessions we sometimes focus on the following:

    1. Identify your strengths and successes.
    2. Identify your core values.
    3. Identify goals/vision.
    4. Clarify your personal ...
  2. 2016 New Year Goal Coaching Planner

    New Years Resolutions usually get said when you’re drunk and forgotten when sober but New Year goals and strategies can make a significant difference to your year and that’s why I developed a coach approach activity planner that can help you make and achieve your goals just like I do in my private sessions.

    The 2016 New Year Goal Coaching Planner is a PDF document with coaching activities to set goals for the New Year. With 9 pages of information, tips and tools the 2016 New Year Goal Coaching Planner invites you to buddy up with a friend and set major goals in seven categories of life, then break it down into five smaller actionable strategies
  3. The value of money

    I am currently working on some high level plans for budgeting, managing my finance and cash flow forecasting. Simply, I am clarifying my spending, investment and contribution habits both personally and in business so I become more aware of my attitudes, behaviours and able to tweak accordingly based on my core values. I am also setting some intentions for growth in 2016 to increase my net worth.

    By projecting the types of results I want financially in my future and trying to adjust my attitudes about money now I am connecting to my desired outcome, having a good imagination helps and the best part is Im doing work I love so the
  4. Pitch Perfect

    Can you please tell me about your business?

    A pitch is what you tell the world about your business and nowadays you have several platforms to do that on instead of just ‘in person’. You might be either at an event, down the street, doing an interview, designing your next round of marketing material, establishing a story for content marketing, designing your home page, sending out an email in response to a new customer enquiry or about to publish something online today. All these platforms are ways you can communicate to your customers and potential customers and share what you do.
    Many of us in business
  5. Personal Brand Connection

    Personal brand connection is the ability to intentionally communicate, what makes you YOU. Consciously crafting your personal brand to represent exactly who you are is a good idea but either way it’s going to exist. You already have a digital footprint that spans years, this is part of your personal brand building blocks and one of the most significant ways you can connect with others.

    There are some ways to start building your amazing personal brand, perhaps reinvent yourself and if you are in business it is important to make sure your personal brand is recognisable and congruent with your personal values
  6. Mindful over Matter Melbourne

    Mindful over Matter Melbourne workshop happened last Saturday and a lovely group of people gathered with me to participate in a coaching workshop on Mindfulness. We explored the meaning of mindfulness, looked at the ways we think and process information and how we approach life in very different modes. The participants all connected with the content and found valuable learning points and insights during the workshop.

    One of the exercises involved mindfulness awareness of sensory perception and during the 20 minute meditation experience we travelled through each bodily sense to switch one off and focus on the next, this exercise is both empowering and enlightening when you begin to have awareness around how focus can expand your
  7. Empowered women

    Being an empowered woman means you are in control of your life, mindful of your actions and the results you are getting and able to move yourself and life in the direction you choose to manifest your dreams and achieve your goals.

    What makes a woman empowered? It is not always that easy when in society the default gender conditioning position of control has been given to men because of superior physical strength but the tides are changing and women’s strengths are now valued more than ever and we are standing up for our selves and taking responsibility for controlling our own lives with HEART.

    Four important
  8. Creative Business Pitch

    A Creative Business Pitch is the best way to move forward with a start up or take your business to the next level!

    Pitch first, plan second. No one wants to write a lengthy business plan.
    Make it short and punchy, use key words to become building blocks for your brand and tag-lines that refine and bring clarity to your message.
    Points to cover:

    1. A sentence about your business (value proposition)

    2. The problem your business is responding to (market need)

    3. Description of product/service (your solution)

    4. Who else is doing it (competition)

    5. Who is buying your product/service (target market)

    6. How much does it cost, running and marketing
  9. Wellness Workshop

    Wellness Workshop is professional group coaching with a Wellness focus and can greatly improve the well-being and performance of your employees and begin to create a wellness culture at your workplace.

    It is not a one off solution but rather an opportunity to engage the behaviours that help a team flourish and create a positive momentum for the workplace environment, staff and clients.

    The gorgeous girls at Hair Body and Soul in Camberwell were treated to an afternoon of Wellness Coaching last week. Hair Body and Soul is a salon that invests in providing their staff with tools, workshops,
  10. Professional Coaching

    Professional Coaching helps small business, start ups, mumtrepreneurs and professionals in an increasingly changing landscape get clear, identify strengths within the organisation/team, engage core values, communicate brand through social media content and establish strategies to move onwards and upwards!

    “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…” ~ Dr. Seuss, ‘Oh the places you’ll go.’

    Now we have the internet to launch ourselves onto
  11. Melbourne Coach TV Launch

    Melbourne Coach TV Launch has finally happened!

    Lights Camera Action!

    This is going to be an exciting way to connect, share the fun and fabulous work I have been doing and some of the events, brands and amazing people I am involved with! Sharing the best of Melbourne Wellness, Business and Lifestyle scene coming to you live on location!

    We’ll have some tips, tricks, tools and laughs to brighten your day and give you some of the Aussie cheer, you’ll be bouncing like a kangaroo in no time! Sorry I will try not to crack silly jokes!

    Melbourne Coach TV is going to interview amazing people and brands and share the best wellness, business and lifestyle practices in Australia with the
  12. Professional Style

    Spring has Sprung and I’ve attended a few fashion shows from Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival, had a look around at some of the new trends for the season and decided it was time for a total wardrobe detox. Recently I got a new haircut for my 40th birthday, to give some shape to my face, I got some bold coloured red Chanel ‘Gabriel’ lipsticks and I had some images taken for my online professional profile.. I love a look that is a cross between Gwenth Paltrow and Carrie Bradshaw, I also love the classic Coco Chanel! I am still working on it, like all masterpieces its ongoing and individual.
    A great option for styling is to seek the services of a professional stylist, the one I normally work with at the agency was away in London so that ...

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