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  1. Wellness Workshop

    Wellness Workshop is professional group coaching with a Wellness focus and can greatly improve the well-being and performance of your employees and begin to create a wellness culture at your workplace.

    It is not a one off solution but rather an opportunity to engage the behaviours that help a team flourish and create a positive momentum for the workplace environment, staff and clients.

    The gorgeous girls at Hair Body and Soul in Camberwell were treated to an afternoon of Wellness Coaching last week. Hair Body and Soul is a salon that invests in providing their staff with tools, workshops,
  2. City Beach

    I love creative production, Iíve been lucky enough to direct and produce and be part of some amazing photography, film, and stage productions over the years. Being in business the personal branding is a big thing and Summer time means itís time to update my professional profile images! August I did some portrait shots in the city but we lost a lot of light that early evening and did not get a lot of good shots.
    Life is a bit of a creative production, and in my brand profile shots I want to capture where Im at. My professional images I like to capture my creative spirit and what I value in this phase of my life. While Iím ambitious and driven I also balance my coaching, forward focussed attitude with a still, dreamy and imaginative zen ...

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  3. NXK MSFW Runway show

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    Meta-Flora A iconic street art clad laneway, Finlay Lane, Melbourne lit up with rainbow fusion of colour, texture and innovation for the launch of the MSFW NXK Meta Flora collection by Australian designer Nixi Killicks.

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    A whirl wind start to the year saw Nixi being chosen to travel to Milan to showcase with 100 global independent designers, also seen on the likes of A-list celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kimbra to the runways of MSFW and VAMFF.
    The colourtribe gathered to be take part in an experiential fusion of fashion, art and Ďimagineeringí, an ideology Nixi shares of positive future focused fashion, Ďif it is not in the future it ...

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  4. Creative Company

    Itís been so long since I wrote about the one and only journey called LIFE. I have been busy LIVING! I had to quit my writing jobs, scale back my coaching practise and innovate my previous business systems!

    Focussed on building a business, a production and digital agency that is a perfect fit for my creative strengths and coaching skills in developing brands, content and campaigns. Did I tell you it is FUN! A business that has great potential in a fairly new and evolving industry. That is pretty exciting stuff and the level of attention required is often like a marriage, why I joke the day I got my company papers was like a marriage certificate! Iím lucky enough to have a great guy come on board in the role CTO and manage a share ...

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