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  1. A Collingwood Rant!

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    How did it come to this?

    Losing to Port in a home final at the "G"!

    The genesis of this was the infamous deal which saw Nathan Buckley employed as an assistant coach, to assume the role of senior coach after spending two years "learning" from Mick Malthouse.

    Fair enough to put a succession plan in place, but why Buckley? What qualities had he displayed up to that point that made it imperative to secure him for a job still TWO YEARS away?

    Sure he was a reasonable presence in a commentary role on the TV, but so is Richo and he's not being courted anywhere (afaik).

    Otherwise he had been considered for the coaching job at North Melbourne,
  2. Royal Botanic Gardens, Cranbourne

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    Recently, on the never ending quest for brownie points, I have been day tripping to nearby attractions, the focus is on nature so this week we headed to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Cranbourne, I've driven past the turnoff to this place many times but never bothered to explore it, it was quite a surprise and well worth a visit..

    After walking through the (free) entry gate and heading down the stairs we were greeted by a vast red expanse..

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    They provide you with a map and there is reasonable signage about, but we were content just to wander and discover..

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  3. Cyndi Boste, anything is Pozible

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    The creation and publication of music by independent artists has long been a challenge, not mainstream or marketable enough to be signed by a “label” these artists have, over the years, resorted to all sorts of means to be heard, so it is with interest that I saw a recent link to my old buddy Cyndi Boste or for those without Facebook seeking to produce her next album..

    Cyndi and I go way back to 1973 when we both started secondary school and trained for the same under 12 football team, I say trained because in those unenlightened times girls were not allowed to play in competition, much
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  4. Deni Bluesfest

    Easter is that time of year where normal “working families” (as Julia would describe them) get an extended break and the opportunity to travel to far flung locations in search of entertainment, nature or solitude, among other things..

    While I don’t fit the description of a working family (much to my chagrin, when will the votes of single, moderately dysfunctional, non conforming individuals be sought with policy initiatives?) I still decided to take the opportunity presented by our editor to attend the Inaugural Deni Blues and Roots Festival, a sister event to the long running and successful Byron Bay Bluesfest

    The plan seemed solid, utilise the Deni ute ...
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  5. Welcome to Korea!

    Moving right along I embarked on the next "leg" of my journey by hopping a ferry from Fukuoka in Japan to Busan in South Korea (which I will refer to as Korea). I have never had any real interest in visiting Korea, but given it was just across the "ditch" and I do have a great friend who live's here it seemed appropriate to go.

    I hadn't done any research, my arrival point was the most convenient given my location in Japan and the advice I received from my friend Jin, so an overnight bus ride from Hiroshima to Fukuoka was the beginning, I had tried booking the ferry online but to no avail, not that it wasn't possible, just that I couldn't translate the web site, so on arrival in Fukuoka I figured I'd just make my way to the port ...
  6. A League of their Own

    A mate in Melbourne is an absolute baseball fanatic having played over 400 games and been president of his outer suburban winter league club for ten years or more, so when he advised that I just had to attend a game here in Japan "cos they go ape shit" over it i thought OK, I'll go and take a look.

    Of course this was not a huge priority and I had done little more than "google" it, I did find an English web site with lot's of info so it did seem possible to attend a game, then when I saw a post in the couchsurfing group by a yank looking for someone to go with I thought, here's my chance!

    So after researching ticket prices we decided to meet at the game and get a ticket, games are often sold out but this was a school ...
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  7. A Day in the LIfe

    Travelling is not all glamorous hotels, sandy beaches, exotic night life and cultural revelations, the more mundane daily tasks like, well, survival, also have to be tended to...with this in mind I headed off to my local supermarket to get my breakfast supplies, banana`s and yoghurt, cereal is not common and is restricted to things like froot loops and equally sugary variants, and at the asking price they are not an option, at all.

    So I headed into the arcade, mindful of the ubiquitous bicycles..

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    these old ladies with umbrella`s are not the most dangerous, that honour lies with young girls sending ...

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  8. Sumo!

    An enduring aspect of Japanese culture is Sumo, a competitive full-contact sport where a wrestler (rikishi) attempts to force another wrestler out of a circular ring (dohyo) or to touch the ground with anything other than the soles of the feet. The sport originated in Japan, the only country where it is practiced professionally.

    My only experience was the rare glimpse we get on Australian TV, enough to create considerable interest when the prospect of attending a Grand Sumo tournament presented itself. My "aide" was Karla, a Brazilian lady (friend of a friend) who lives just outside Nagoya, the location for this event, one of just six of the annual "Grand" tournaments.

    We met at the Nagoya castle, yes all these cities ...

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  9. A Day in Kyoto

    Before arriving in Japan I had heard about the Gion-matsuri, a month long festival, one of Japan`s three most important apparently, held in the city of Kyoto, and I was reliably informed that one of it`s highlights is "yamaboko jyunko", parade of halberds, on the morning of the 17th.

    It was common knowledge in my Osakan hotel and a number of guests were planning to attend so when these Chinese boy`s (from Malaysia) that I had previously met told me they were going it seemed a good fit, they were organised and had the whole day planned.

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    First it was on to the subway for the short ride to Osaka station..

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    Then a transfer

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  10. The revolution has begun!

    Greetings, I`ve decided this practise of riding bicycles on the footpath is allowed, no, tolerated, because of the unfailing politeness of the inhabitants of this city. That is those inhabitants not threatening the live`s of humble Osakan pedestrians by weaving in and out along crowded footpaths!

    I am reliably informed that the practise itself is outlawed but it seems so ingrained and so prolific that the police appear to have little or no chance to prevent it.

    What`s required is a push from the grass roots, for the pedestrians to fight back, and I have started the charge!

    Yesterday while searching for a venue to view

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  11. Arrival

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    Greetings, so I arrived in Osaka, my first mission was to get a sim card, luckily, enough English was spoken to inform me that I couldn`t buy one but could indeed rent one, 105 yen per day, 40,000 yen deposit, and a written warning that if I inadvertently logged in to their internet it would cost me a fortune, I believe them!

    I caught the train to the city, then a subway to Dobutsuen-Mae, a seedy part of Osaka with cheap hotels, perfect! I have a private room with a single bed, a desk the size of a bedside table, what appears to be a child’s chair, tv, fridge, a robe and a pair of "slip ons", the room is two paces wide and three paces long, I also have a window and air conditioner, 1900