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  1. Chaining the imbeciles

    Chained up to trees. That’s what they did to people in the asylums in the 17th. Century. We don’t do that anymore. Or do we?

    Pitie Salpêtrière Hospital, famous for receiving Diana after her tragic accident, and chosen by Beckham for his recent check-up, was the major women’s asylum in Paris in the 17th Century. They housed the ‘insane’, which included ‘idiots, the incurable agitated, the curable agitated, the quiet patients, those who were demented, those suffering senile dementia, and prostitutes.’ These patients were all herded in together, with ‘being chained’ used as a means of control and /or correction. And this was a marked improvement on the treatment previously, where they were occasionally shot, if not worse.
  2. Hearing it at Hamer Hall

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    My friend Sara, decided it was time I got a bit couth, so I switched off Billy Ray Cyrus singing ‘Achy Breaky Heart,’ and headed for the new Hamer Hall to get a dose of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra trotting out a bit of Wagner and Beethoven.

    First up was Beethoven’s Pastoral. By the time Beethoven wrote this, he had lost most of his hearing, but this didn’t slow him up. Hamer Hall also had hearing problems, but at least they could do something about that. They’ve recently improved the situation, and the pitch is damn near perfect. The sound now does justice to the performers (Sorry Billy Ray, they’ve got the edge on you).

    I can’t say the same for the pitch of the seating. ...

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  3. Bogans Banned?

    BAN the BOGAN

    The thinking bogan's bogan - Chris Franklin

    ‘Everybody’s gotta have somebody to look down on,
    Who they can feel better than at any time they please,
    Someone doin’ something dirty decent folks all frown on
    If you cain’t find nobody else then help yourself to me.’
    Kris Kristofferson wrote it. Good on ya Kris, you said it well. But we’re not hearing it.

    I hoped we’d got a bit more civilized over the years. We try to discourage discrimination by race, religion, sexuality, age and physical or intellectual features. I know we’ve still got a

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