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Musical Whispers

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  1. Stockley, See & Mason - They didn't turn back time, they ignored it!

    I was fortunate to be among an audience of well over 100 committed live music desperado's at the Crackerjack Club last Sunday the 12th June.

    The Crackerjack club is one of Melbourne's newest live music venues and is run out of the Melbourne Bowling Club, in Windsor. It only runs once a month at the moment, and that at this time is where you will find Sam See, and Glyn Mason, usually accompanied by Lindsay field, playing on that one day a month.

    However on this particular Sunday a wonderful reunion took place when Chris Stockley joined them for an extended reunion bracket as Stockley, See & Mason.

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  2. Running Free - A New Release by Joe Creighton and reviewed by Rob Greaves

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ID:	25921 It can be a daunting task when an artist of the calibre of Joe Creighton contacts you in order to send a new released album for review. Daunting because Joe is certainly an icon of Australian music and his musical pedigree and indeed his reputation can be summed up in one word - awesome!

    Running Free is the latest release by Joe and it is a ten track album on a CD format, with all ten compositions by him, self released with the music published by Albert Music.

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    Born in Belfast Northern Ireland he was certainly exposed to the local music. Yet by choice, his listening and appreciation for music even at a young age was wide, ranging from Paul ...
  3. 100 Greatest Australian Singles of the 60's - An Exclusive Preview

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ID:	24855 So, what are the 100 greatest Australian singles of the 1960's?

    Some consider the 1960's as possibly the halcyon years for Australian music. The groups were fresh, the music great, the performance venues many and radio stations revelled in playing Australian music. There were just so many great artists and great tracks laid down, and some of the very best were released on that wonderful media of the times - the vinyl 45 rpm discs.

    Now, if you want to generate an interesting discussion among people that appreciate the fantastic music of that period, just ask, "what was the best track released as a single"! You can be assured of generating a conversation, an argument even, that would
  4. Music Whispers - What Aussie artists has 32 albums released and is about to release #33?

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ID:	24480 The answer is Col Millington! Col has been recording since the 1970's and is well known and appreciated in the Australian Music scene.

    The Toorak Times has been slipped a promotional copy of Col Millingtons forthcoming CD titled - "Hey Babe". A release date has not been set yet, but we believe it will be very shortly.

    Col has been associated with the music scene since the 1960's and started writing in the 1970's. Col joined his first group “Natures Own” in 1968, then was a member of “Midnight Special”, “The Rondells”, “Bluestone” and “Bass Strait. In 1976 he jumped the fence and defected to Country Music, the rest is history. With 32 albums under his belt and over 100,000 units sold