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  1. Rob Greaves's Avatar
    Thanks John, I have worked at refining the layout since the first Cream blog some 100 reviews ago. Always an on-going process, and always nice to get some feedback

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  2. John Taylor's Avatar
    Good one, Rob. I liked the way you laid it out with the song clips in there so (we) can hear what you're talking about. They were a great band that I nearly missed out on coz a school mate was seriously British music. It took joining a band of guys who also loved The Band & Rye Cooder (etc) for me to 'discover' the Dead.

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  3. Brenda Richards's Avatar
    Went to New Orleans in the 80s. There was a Cajun festival in Audubon Park. Fell in love with the music, with its French Celtic creole mix as I sat on the grass watching black and white dancing together, as the music flowed. I was sitting with two little kids, Jean and Jaques, whose dad was playing in one of the bands. The New Orleans version of French added to the charm. Later,down Bourbon St, Cajun and jazz were flowing out the doors of various establishments. Thought I was in Heaven drinking beer out of plastic cups which we purchased at various 'holes in the wall.

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  4. Mugsy's Avatar
    My neice Mary-Anne Fracker once worked in MacDonald's (accidentally)
    She said after seeing the 'tucker' there she could never touch it again,
    and she would rather eat Andrew Blot

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  5. dezzymckenna's Avatar
    I waded thru that 'Da Vinci Code' cos everyone else was. Dross!
    But I thought the Da Kath and Kim Code movie was well cool
    These books are for people on their first flight.
    Like your 'scale' too bro---D

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  6. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    My mate Keith was/is a big Zappa fan, I never really got then, although I did own Waca jawaka or woteva, that was cool

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  7. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    Yeah I've always loved Jimmy Cliff's music, Desmond Dekker got me early too...

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  8. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    Having been born in Sydney myself, JOK was definitely the ONE! Starngely some of my early memories was while visiting my nan in Ryde, she used to often comment when Johnny have having a bit of a sabbatical at Nth Ryde Asylum.

    Years later I shared an office with Barry Ward in Sydney...Vicki O'Keefe was the 17 yo receptionist.

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  9. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    Brilliant Rob! So sad I missed it, I'll pray for a 40th year gig!

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  10. Rob Greaves's Avatar
    Personally, it's a proportion thing for me. Is it possible to scale the player down a little, so the top pic isn't quite so squashed. Of course, i'm unaware of the finer points pertaining to the sizing of the player, and it's quite possible it has to be this size. I certainly don't see the overall size increasing. the concept is very good.

    Sorry we haven't connected, we ended up at friends, and I saw ur message on my iPhone, as i checked FB (a bit bored actually), then i have grabbed the hosts computer, but even now June is calling. So speak boxing day probably. Mick, thank u for everything, I know you apprecaite my efforts, but I appreciate yours no less.

    I hope you do have a most enjoyable Christmas, whatever you do. You are a great guy - and deserve to have at least one wonderful day away from the TT's ( I think you deserve more, but hey

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  11. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    In the main, people don't consider the nuance between verbal conversation and, say, a Facebook or Forum chat, let alone consider that what they often consider 'expert' advice from talking heads from the various media.

    Such catch phrases are the 'cancer' of journalism, once a clever acronym or clever alliteration hits the headlines it is fodder for all weak reporters.

    Having followed the McTecoma wars I solidly follow your drift here, the barrage of waffle over hamburgers has been an insight into the mind set of those that maybe chose way back to not move far enough out of the potential suburban sprawl.

    In McTecoma though there is Foucault other than people talking at each other. Just continuous shots over each others bows...

    None of the subtlties of the of 'power' talk escape me. I recognise the energy behind the words, and energy can be shifted.

    The crux of this continual misinformation and hyperbole, the fear, hate and anger is brought on by journalistic Henny Penny-ism in its most banal sense, to literally see how far they can get the public blood boiling. It has become a game, almost a blood sport
    "You can never underestimate the stupidity of the of the general public." Scott Adams, (American Cartoonist, b.1957) and 'cocky'; parrot type learning and repetition of such inciteful terms and tones of voice, often on camera supported by terrible body language to accentuate the 'drama'.

    Such a long discouse Rob, one I find meaty, might take a coupla days to get my head around the rest...

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  12. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    I'll style the player to it, and or develop alternative headers for the player mate. works for me, I just like the way the banner sits on the player

    The Title, a header, a Signature, only thing missing is Pics, But we can do that with Bud easy eh

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  13. Rob Greaves's Avatar
    Interesting addition to the graphics - certainly better than nothing!

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  14. Mick Pacholli's Avatar
    Great stuff Rob, I as I told you I put this in Lifestyle under Gourmet. Your frothy tips on how best to brew one's cuppa is a great topic too!

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