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  1. Life and Crimes Part 2

    Why Jack Pacholli left Sydney.
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    Jack Pacholli was a very interesting character and in the late 50’s and early 60’s ran with a crew in Sydney containing the likes of Charles “Chicka” Reeves, who would eventually be shot in an underworld dispute, and “Barney” Ryan, a very big man as I remember, and a gentleman as far as the way he treated me and other people around him. Barney’s reputation was quite different. People outside of his own circle were terrified of him as he was known to be quite violent when the need arose. Chicka also had a reputation as someone not to be crossed and could also be very violent and while not a big man was not short of resorting to using a weapon to make up for his lack ...

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    Bryan Taylor
  2. Drugs in Sport and Cheating ?

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    What rock must people be living under to think very high paid sports people were not using something to help their performances or cheating in some way or another.
    When MONEY is involved in ANYTHING people will cheat, lie, bribe, blackmail, manipulate or use any means they think will work.
    Human beings have cheated in some way or other since time began.
    The REAL crooks aren't in jail.
    The majority of people in jail are just stupid individuals who thought they could beat the system by committing crimes rather than work, or low life scum who commit terrible crimes against other people.
    The smart crooks very really go to jail, they run and/or control organizations and businesses, ...

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    Bryan Taylor
  3. Political Correctness Gone Mad

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    I was reading an article in the paper last week involving John Mangos and my reaction was this PC nonsense is really getting out of hand.
    I was born in Sydney of unknown parentage in 1945 at the end of World War 2. My mother`s name, according to the limited information I have been able to obtain, was Taylor. Father ? Just a line through that section. That means I might have some English blood in me. The rest who knows ? Could be anything. This does not worry me in the slightest as I am a human being and what blood that runs through my veins and my ancestral background does not matter.

    I feel the same about other human beings. I don`t care what colour their skin is or where they ...

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    Bryan Taylor
  4. Bye Bye GP

    Melbourne to lose F1 Grand Prix when current contract expires. The reasons being it is costing Victorian Government too much money and the novelty factor has worn off among Melbournians. Other cities throughout the world to outbid Victoria and crowds sizes diminishing. Plus the disturbance to the community far outweighs the pluses. People see more on TV than at track especially with today`s big screens and HD TVs. The most important reason is how do I know ?
    A little birdie told me so.

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    Bryan Taylor