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The Drago Tree – a review by Jasmina Brankovich


  • The Drago Tree – a review by Jasmina Brankovich

    I’m honoured to be re-posting this review of The Drago Treecomposed by Jasmina Brankovich, writer, activist and social critic.

    The Drago Tree is a beautifully crafted, exquisitely written novel brimming with grief and heartiness, pain and joy. Unputdownable from the get-go.

    The story reminds me of AS Byatt’s classic exploration of the relationships between power and knowledge: as much as
    Possession is about academic rivalry and obsession, The Drago Tree is about different kind of possession.

    It is a story of (post) colonial possession, where the invaders continue to vie for owning traditional indigenous knowledges, and where the unique island of Lanzarote serves as a setting for what is a global process of colonial expansion.

    It is also a story of men’s perceived right to possess women and appropriate their talents; be they writers, such as the main protagonist, who escapes domestic violence only to find herself fighting off a fellow writer’s presumptive ownership over her, on the very island whose culture he sees as just one add-and-stir element to his authorship’s ouvre.

    The story has all that a good story should have: vibrant characters, a journey of a plot line, a twist at the end.
    The Drago Tree will take your heart. (this reviewfirst appeared on Goodreads).

    Dr Jasmina Brankovich’s work appears in Anarchist Affinity, Left Flank, Upswell and Green Agenda.
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