View Full Version : The 12 Wines of Xmas IV

Michael Lillis
11th December 2012, 02:36 PM
Marcarini V.Q.P.R.D Barolo 1996 - LaSerra



16 years old and still so young and fresh
The Nose showing nothing
(Makes you wonder what all the talk is about)

The wine is a little hard at first no great flavour not much on the nose
(Drying the mouth; with hard tannins)

DECANT and let breath 24 hours at least.
You know you are about to drink something exciting when the perfume of wood and old world wine fills the nostrils

Bright fruit is wafting up from the glass, but like nothing you would smell in an Australian wine, it tingles the senses with brambles and sour cherry fruit

A beautiful tang of grape stem and a soft almost bitter finish
Filling the mouth with the combination of warm wood, bright, dry, ripe berries / not sweet fruit

Finishing with a persistent peacock tail of warm alcohol & fruit on the back plate
that will not stop

PS. No need for food now it would just spoil the experience