View Full Version : 2010 Sibling Rivalry Pinot Noir

Michael Lillis
21st October 2012, 12:30 PM
2010 Sibling Rivalry Pinot Noir


$25 +

Where do I start first this wine comes from the Four Sisters stable?
...and it comes from the Geelong area.

1) Four Sisters wines are very good, don't get me wrong but I find them a little commercial these days, this Pinot is far from commercial in fact itís a little out there.

2) Second it comes from Geelong and Geelong Pinots have an earthiness sometimes soil flavour that makes them easy to pick.

This Pinot is juicy to say the least almost spicy with good fruit strawberry yummy cherry and a deep plumb and that is just the nose:

The Juicy fresh fruit flows on to the plate with a good lick of acid and some soft tannin to clean and refresh the mouth along with a little oak thrown in to seduce the Pinot drinker.

Conclusion: This Pinot is well worth a look. It is just different enough to excite and that is the beauty of Pinot Noir. Its one grape with the power to excite one day and leave you disappointed the next.

Forget the duck that would be a perfect match (to easy) I had this wine with pink lamb and roast potatoes tossed in a light anchovy dressing. (Different but so is this wine.)

MAX I like my food and wine and make a living from both.