View Full Version : Chaser Aim For Soft Target...The Bastards!

Mick Pacholli
12th October 2012, 04:13 AM
Damn You!

We got the cunt!

Thanks muchly you muppet type individuals, oh you humour our vapours but what the fuck are you doing a granny job on lawn bowls for?

You must have your combined heads up Reucassel's nether regions, as Lawn Bowls is the sport de jour for the young and trendy, and the corporate soiree Xmas, Bar Mitzvah, etc social event of the year...just because it is so fun...morons.

May your rabbits, nay hampsters, morph into carnivores!

I know you seek the lowest possible quotient in your diabolical attempt to try and entertain...but you crossed the line, which means you were narrow.

Oh, did I say...fuck youse all!