View Full Version : 2010 Massoni Pinot Noir

Michael Lillis
29th September 2012, 02:30 AM
2010 Massoni Pinot Noir



I have been a fan of Mornington Peninsula wines ever since my first weekend visit to the vineyards 15 + years ago; the thing I first picked up on was the wine tasted different each year, some times good other times a little thin and watery.

I did not know about vintage and weather conditions at the time, however the thing I did pick up on was the Pinot got better with age the longer I waited the better it tasted.

And Massoni was one of my first love affairs with Pinot.

Colour: Bright ruby, bright and clear.

Nose: Distinctive pinot nose, red fruit and Spice and earthy notes fill the nostrils.

Palate: The palate is full and long, Raspberry and strawberry,fruit mixed with spice giving this wine a savoury finish with a little complexity that will help this wine age well for some years to come.

Conclusion: Pinot Noir from the peninsula has its own flavour and style that is easy to love one year and hate the next.

Food: Because the wine has good fruit and spice backed with light acid I enjoy Asian pork with wilted greens and stir-fry Onions. The caramelized flavours all work well with the wine.

MAX I love my food and wine