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Michael Lillis
8th August 2012, 03:01 PM
Hugel Pinot Blanc 2009



Before I even start.

I love this wine it goes with every thing from fish to chicken salad, roast pork, spicy Asian food, cheese or you can just drink the stuff when you feel like a white wine it never gets boring.

Colour: Pale, clean

Nose: Floral, stone fruit peach ripe apricot

even a hint of smoke.

Palate: This is where the fun starts, Its clean bright acidity fills the

mouth with round flavours of lemon and lime as the wine opens

Its lean on the palate, green melon, almond, smoke and

cooking spices kick in itís easy to drink and finishes dry with a

texture that demands another glass. Drink this wine in place of

Sav / Blanc you might find something to really like.

Michael Lillis
I love my food and my wine and make a living from both
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