View Full Version : over officious bluecoats killing the game

14th October 2011, 06:19 PM
no wonder the game is struggling, our club got a memo today along with all other clubs in our association . it was basically a warning to managers to fill the team sheets in correctly, if not then clubs will recieve a $25 fine for the second infringment(the first is a warning) and fines may increase from there. our second team copped a warning due to the manager not adding up the ends completed at the end of the game, who really gives a fuck. its hard enough to get people to get to do the managers job without threatining fines and other bullshit. others recieved warnings for not signing name and spelling names wrong. but the same person who is complaining about these issues managed to fuck up our team results when entering them into sporting pulse last saturday night by leaving a rink score out so will he get a warning i bet not, as he is seen to be doing a job for the association, just like managers are doing a job for thier club maybe people in control should remember this.

Mick Pacholli
14th October 2011, 06:37 PM
Arbitrary fines are a ridiculous way to go, Over officiousness for sure dunny. That's why these people are supposed to be doing the job, to make sure the info is right, mistakes happen, it is up to those in the association to pick up and correct mistakes, not act like inspector plod. I mean what can they do if if you don't pay the fines? Nothing I would suggest...

14th October 2011, 07:37 PM
what would be more interesting to know is where will the $ from fines go towards, will it go to the coffers and ultimatemly wasted on bv visits by paying for the meals etc or the jnr program or even better put on a evening with snacks and drinks for all managers and explain what should happen and why the powers that be want hings done the heir hitler way

24th October 2011, 03:35 PM
clubs are preparing for next delegates meeting, and already are sending letters of non approvement. others are asking where does the $$ go to and others are seeking legal answers to how they can be fined when its not thier fault as all they are doing is coping names as written by other people

Mick Pacholli
25th October 2011, 03:06 PM
The story is worth following up mate, these guys have to learn they are there to serve the membership! More likely it is their processes that need looking into and revamping to an up to date system of collecting the data.