View Full Version : The Vasse Felix has just blown me away!

Michael Lillis
29th July 2012, 11:58 PM
Vasse Felix

Margaret River Cab/ Sav 2009



First lets make it clear at 3 years old it is just a pup, I decanted this wine for 3 hours, drank a glass and found it to be very green and quite unapproachable.

I poured the wine back into the bottle and gave it a further 20 hours before trying it again.

WOW...this wine is well made and built for the long haul!

Where do you start? The wine drinks well now with an extended decant (Open Friday breakfast, drink Sunday lunch).

Colour: Black as, donít hold it up to a light waste of time. It is black.

Nose: Powerful there is oak and tobacco hints at first black fruits and meat, herbs and purple flowers.

Palate: Watery tannins that for me is old vines, no lumps or bumps the flavour. Just flows over the palate filling the mouth with soft herbs, fruit that has a slight tang, that travels over the back palate and just lasts for ever. WOW!

The last time I had a cab/Sav this good I paid $140.00 and it did not impress me this much, this wine might just out live me.

I am not getting paid by any one for my comments so, IF you can, just get some of this 2009 Cab/Sav and tuck it away for 10+ years

This wine delivers by God dose it deliver Cabernet is king!

Michael Lillis
I love my food and my wine and make a living from both
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